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WTS Aged Creatures

Hedge Munos

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An alternate account of mine that I never use for fighting has various aged creatures that I would like to get rid of. (No worries, it isn't against the rules as long as I don't use them for this account :P) I would prefer coin offers. For any new players: Creatures reset each time they are traded, but I will write its current stage anyway!

[s][b]Elemental IV:[/b][/s] - [color="#FF0000"]Sold to Rumi[/color]
[s]Stored Heat 730142
Age 821
ID:206242 [/s]

[b]Grasan Huvourer:[/b]

Stored Heat 476251
Age 819

[b]Imperial Aramor:[/b]
Heat 180669
Age 697

[s][b]Elemental V:[/b][/s] - [color="#FF0000"]Sold to Rumi[/color]
[s]Stored Heat 789218
Age 746
ID:490895 [/s]

[s][b]Elemental V Two:[/b][/s] - [color="#FF0000"]Sold to Rumi[/color]
[s]Stored Heat 519730
Age 746

[b]Chaos Archer:[/b]

Stored Heat 560582
Age 746

[b]Chaos Archer Two:[/b]

Stored Heat 384673
Age 738

[b]Dark Archer III:[/b]

Stored Heat 174806
Age 738

[b]Dark Archer III Two:[/b]

Stored Heat 149811
Age 738

[b]Dark Archer III Three:[/b]

Stored Heat 179678
Age 738

[b]Master Lorerootian Archer:[/b]

Stored Heat 459549
Age 650

[s][b]Walking Tree:[/b][/s] - [color="#FF0000"]Sold to Phinneas, 5 silver[/color]
Stored Heat 284976
Age 518

[b]Grasan I:[/b]

Stored Heat 94176
Age 244

[s][b]Unholy Priest:[/b][/s] - [color="#FF0000"]Sold to Jolla, 3 silver[/color]
[s]Stored Heat 70693
Age 236

UPDATE: Most of the coins collected from sales will go to the Community Garden Funds.

Edited by Hedge Munos
spoilers, don't do it again please
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[quote name='lone wolf pup' timestamp='1306599812' post='85299']
1 sc each for all 3 elemental and UP

Edit: You might want to get rid of the stats as it might be a spoiler.

Sorry! Didn't know it was a spoiler!

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[quote name='Sasha Lilias' timestamp='1307020710' post='85594']
Uhh...I assume Rumi outbid me? Although I don't see the bid...

You didn't tell me what your bid was on the individual creatures. Phinneas paid 5 silver for the tree, so, if that's what your offer was on the tree, and you put 2 silver on the elementals, yes, Rumi outbid you.

Will sell the Unholy Priest to Jolla if there are no higher bids in 24 hrs.


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