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Heroes of the Lost Path

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This is a record of those that have helped me in building up power to fight and/or appease the spirits in the realm. Each I have repaid with an augmentation of their own magical abilties (wp).

I stand ready to similarly teach new magic (wp) to those who push the frontiers further than any of these heroes have done. But of course, I can only help each person in one step forward in the growth of their magical powers - I can only teach you so much....

Three lordly gentlement first helped me get attuned to the magic in this realm, and I shared a bit with them in return. These were Lightsage, Mighty Pirate, and Clockmaster. Their help let me tune in to the Lost Path.

Kafuuka was the first to find 7 crown jewels.

Zleiphneir was the first to find 8.

VonUngernsternberg was the first to defeat the Shadow Army.

Esmaralda was the first to beat the Shadow Army on their own turf at the Primordial Source, with all copies of the crown jewels.

Duxie beat the Shadow Army on their own turf, and has 6 original crown jewels to boot.

Pazur was the first to find 10 crown jewels.

WormInStone was the first to beat the Shadow Army before I even knew he was helping me, then assembled copies of the crown jewels.

Passant the weak hit a new record of helpfullness, 19 pickles prior to getting the crown jewels, and 28 after marching on the Shadow Army at the Primordial Source.

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