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Emerald Arcanix


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No visit to Wind’s Sanctuary is complete until the wise adventurer spends a bit of time delving through the logic stream of Emerald Arcanix. He is that rarest of thinkers, in depth deductive reasoning leavened by flashes of inductive brilliance. He is a seeker of enlightenment in fact and alliance.

Speaking with Emerald Arcanix may result in a glittering pile of multi-hued particles of information, scattered into discordant bits of unrelated confusion. Gently smiling at your puzzled countenance, he will softly speak of this and that event , pointing them out with his long slender fingers. The disparate pieces begin to form a pattern and then resolve into a tapestry before your wondering eyes. As his voice continues, the tapestry animates and draws you into the events unfolding, wrapping around you and then settling deep inside.

Emerald Arcanix sees patterns in chaos and finds connections that start out being implausible but coalesce under his practiced gaze from translucent theory into solid fact. Unlike many a stodgy professor, he does not hoard his knowledge or obscure it in esoteric tomes. He shares openly and gladly with all. His catalytic nature offers each of us a chance to augment the chain of facts with our own interpolations of the base events.

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