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Okay, so we all know that MD would NOT be the same had it not been for the community, so my idea is, us MP3s can make a group :):):) all those together at the same time period (or who go online at the same time) and together, we'll have more fun... Also, we can have contests and tournaments all together, making us bond even more... Not to mention that it'll help you learn about MD, personal papers, battle system etc (btw, this learning part I just added so I might get a bit of support from the fossils :P!)

so I don't really want you guys to tell me I'm in or not, but regularly (and mainly on weekends) we'll have some king of competitions ^^ my favorite place to be online is MD, but without others... it's just boring :P

so to start, next Saturday, 12:00 server time, we'll have a small competition, you'll be telling anyone else who shows up your story, or how you came to be, what is your role in life, also, to show the world (and not only those that'll be with us) you can go to the Magic Duel Archives (above the sanctuary of Mirand Bell, which is left of the Marble Dale Park, the place you start off after story mode) and you'll find a librarian at the desk, click him, and access your 'personal papers' of 'comments on self' write your story there ;) (thank you Princ for that bit of info :P) anyway, the contest will be in the 'balcony of the sun' (in MDA, front entrance, you just go up the stairs)

remember, anything goes ;) any new thing that will be for the group will be posted here...

finally, you can join the group by 'being a member' that way, I add you to my friend list [NOTE: I add you, you do not have to add me :P] (which is currently limited to 5, sorry =\) and whenever there's something new, I'll pm you, or by, just being there... you can join any contest both ways, but if you DO join the group, then there a few rules (simple ones, like being nice, being nice, helping, being nice) that you'll have to follow... BTW, the group's 'base' (or where it does all the contests and stuff) is the balcony of the sun... enjoy :)[NOTE : if you decide to go to MP4, then you will have to tell me to scratch your name off ^^ stay MP3 a bit, and we might just all leave soon =P]

current member group :

1. MoM (Master Of Magic)--- me :)
2. Quashen (Quas in-game, might become Sauq, so don't panic :P)
3. Duke of Malfi (the same name in-game)
4. Snyc (the same name in-game)
5. chirobitz (the same in-game)
6. Mirarx (the same in-game)
7. Luyz (Luyz Whois in-game)
8. Aelion (the same in-game)

current sponsor list :

1. Neno Veiki
2. Poppitz Resurrection

Current Contest\quest\tourney :

1. Your Beginning (tell us about yourself at the balcony of the sun... winner gets a silver coin :) (that should keep the alts away :P))
NOTE : the judges will be anyone and everyone watching and listening (if they make it from the start) you can not, however vote for yourself...

2. Battle Tournament : a great way to learn about rituals, pray power, and how to set pre-defined defensive rituals... Prizes are : 3 silver + a creature for 1st, 2 silver + a pickle for 2nd, and a silver for third ^^ there are many rules to make sure it's fair, and that even a guy with just 3K vitality can beat one with 10K
[NOTE: you do not have to be a member to join, just pm me in-game or on forum] btw, there is no set time for this, whenever a lot of people are online and ready (I'm talking 8 minimum, if any less, the prizes might be a max of 1 silver to 1st) also, don't just say no because 'you're afraid to fight' or 'you don't care about the fighting system just yet' rather, say okay, and learn a bit of all =) don't worry, you won't die...

EDIT : added a sponsors' list, now we know who to thank ^^
thank you Neno Veliki
thank you Poppitz Resurrection

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that would be really appreciated Neno :) thank you... ummmmm... if you want, you can keep it with you, and when I run out of 'my sources' I contact you? or would you rather give them upfront? I don't really mind :P I just hope that MP3s will like the idea, and participate, and that I can keep them motivated (I doubt I'll see any 1 entry if there was no silver :P!)

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that's why we *points to group* are here server time is on the right... you'll see a book if you look left, look a BIT below, you get Server time : xxxxxx there it is =) and welcome to the group...

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welcome on board Snyc :)

EDIT : I just noticed, Snyc and The Duke made their account BY getting familiar with this (since the first time they posted here, they had '1 post' so obviously, the group is starting to do it's job :):):)

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Add me MoM! Havnt yet finished with y story yrt but i'm finished with the opening (at least) BTW i would still join even without a reward. ^^ Havnt had a friend in MD since i joined 5yrs ago so it would be an honor to support a friend.

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sorry for the late Reply Luyz, but I was asleep ^^ anyway, you're in, and as a congrats for reaching 7 members... well I'll tell you guys in-game or via forum pm... btw also if you can, send me (via in-game or forum pm) at what times you'll most likely be online

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you got it ;)

by the way, to all MP3s, a small ... [i]quest[/i] is going to be done, which teaches you how to utilize the export and battle log from a battle to learn about creatures... pm me here or in-game for how to start

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can any of you please MINIMUM REPLY to the group post so that I can know that you're there??? it's a msg, you should see it in your msg box...

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