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For the kings

Muratus del Mur

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- As a king, threatening you will quit, regardless of reason, means you don't see your role for how important it is.
[color="#FF0000"]It will cost you one penalty point.[/color]

- You think kings/yourself are just a WP dispenser and nothing more?
[color="#FF0000"]You are incompetent. Kings should use their limited resources in a creative but also [b]proactive way[/b], meaning sponsorships, "kingly" rewarded activities, initiative to DO things, etc, not just wait for others to ask you for the wp codes.[/color]

- You feel like you are waiting for "Buttons" so you can do "Stuff"?
[color="#FF0000"]Reality update, use what you have, convert authority into actions because you can do that. Ofc you can keep asking them, thats no trouble, but if you go all frustrated that you didnt receive them, when there are ways around them..not good.[/color]

- Annoyed with your citizens?
[color="#FF0000"]means they are annoyed with you too. You can fix that, but as you "fix" that keep in mind that a one citizen land won't be really a land in the end[/color]

- A global..better said cubical problem bothers you, want to change concepts in MD?
[color="#FF0000"]Highly possible, but I wont change one thing to affect all lands just when one kings asks it. If all kings/queens discuss it and agree something needs to be done, then i will consider it[/color]

[ joke removed, also the replies to it ][/b]

It seems my sense of humor when i am angry sounds like mockery..maybe it was..maybe it also was in the hope to be so in a constructive way. Either case, removed.

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