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Mur and the Spicy Pickle

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Mur alone knows what will assail us next, as witness the unexpected arrival of viscous slime in the realm. But Mur, in his benevolent wisdom, had the forsight to provide the antidote for viscous slime - the Spicy Pickle.

Just before the 6th Anniversary party, Mur visited me and bestowed upon me the means to turn my ordinary pickles into Spicy Pickles. I see now that he was providing for the future. As the crowd screams over every change that occurs in the realm, I thought everyone should know about this clear example - Mur does have a Plan -- have faith.

Some side notes:

As advertised: "This nasty little bundle of energy will make you hop on one foot, run in circles, flap your arms, and scream your head off, all at the same time. Very powerful, very dangerous - but very temporary." At this point, they are the only way that I know of to get into places like Knaty's Vacation House once the viscous slime reaches maximum thickness, as it is doing even now.

Accordingly, I am taking steps to make them more available - they now trade for Pickle Points 1:1. However, as a limited-quantity consumable inventory item, they are hard to make, and I will only give these out to people who are going to use them while they are fresh. If you're traveling to the far east in search of spirits, a few spicy pickles is a must.

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