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Inventory not visible in normal view

Fyrd Argentus

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With this latest change, clicking on [Inventory] above the mood panel gets me a blank window with 1 picture. The give-away feature is still there, in reverse order of previous. To use an item, I must pull up the details window.

I am using Internet Explorer 8 and Windows 7.

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I assume what Fyrd means is that it looks like this;

Private view
[attachment=3041:Inventory bug.png]

Public view
[attachment=3042:Inventory bug2.png]

(Using IE, Windows 7 - not my usual browser)

LE - Checked Firefox, Opera and Chrome, all appear to work fine with this feature (I believe they're the latest versions).

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Apparently, fixing this bug might have caused a new one.. Now the item transfer page is pushed to the right, and the item creation interface even further >.<

[spoiler][img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/gallery_uploads/gallery/album_159/gallery_1879_159_19607.jpg[/img][/spoiler] (image spoilered for the sake of those with slower connections)

The first bug didn't occur to me, if it has anything to do with this,

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