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Most new players enter to this marvolus realm and stay there, going through story mode, batteling, Role playing, questing, and everything else this realm has to offer. After about a week, this player will start to wonder : "OK, I've seen the duel in Magic Duel (and it rocks!) but I haven't seen the magic!" a wiser player might answer : "this is because it is an advanced topic, and not meant for early stages." That is the simplest way to put it, for eventhough it is simple for someone to get it at this early stage, explaning the process and how it is needed and heat and how principles affect it... I will, disregarding how hard it may be, attempt to explain this.

At first, we must all agree that Magic is of two types (the regular form, not of RPCs or LHOs) the first is that that regenerates every 2 weeks, the second is the one that gives off a 'limited' number of spells...

Magic in general depends on :
-Memories\ feelings

"Heat is the stuff being manipulated here.

Principles are the tools used to do that.

The specific collection and sequencing of words/thoughts/memory-images used to do that can use word-metaphors from many walks of life besides "spells"" said Fyrd Argentus

so theses three factors affect the spells in this way :
-the memory/feelings is how you are going to remember the spell and thus say it (you can't say a spell you don't remember!)
-Principals affect spells, so a person with a high knowledgy of the 'darkness principal' (which is for hiding) would do better at a Ghost spell than one who has no knowlede
-and finally, heat is what you use to do the spell, you have to use up the power inside you and let out that heat, otherwise, you have no power, and how do you expect to manipulate things with no power?

Now the main difference in 'limited' spells and 'regeneratable spells' is, and as explained by Mur :

"Normal information can be copied indefinably without being lost (xerox style). Complex thoughts, such as those for "spells" you can't multiplicate simply because you don't have either the "reading" device nor the "ink" to write a copy. Imagine to make a xerox copy of a 100$ bill...some things look similar, some things will never be similar. What happens in this case is that each copy of that sort of thought is still connected to the one that created it initially. That, in terms of MD dynamics, would mean that players mastering a permanent spell should be able to give away limited casts of it and each cast should drain them of heat as long as it exists. This will scatter the spell across multiple players but not duplicate its original power/source. This is not to far from how things are now ..but not with spells in md..with items. Items that create items, such as pickles and candy, have a limited amount that can be created, based on how many are already "uneaten". This concept was applied to candy and pickles so i could create the system for potential later use, like for now."

so when he said that copying the 100$ bill would NEVER make it the same, he meant that certain aspects would be the same, and thus it could be used, but ONLY FOR A SHORT WHILE since it is not the original, and thus the 'memory' needed to do the spell is not the 'temporary' caster's memory, but rather a memory that he has copied from someone else, and that is bound to be lost. But having the original 100$, aka the original memory, that means that sooner or later, the spell we become available again, since this memory is the magician's.

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