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WTB Independent rainwater harvesting tool


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He is obviously looking for a water resource gathering tool. He used an improper name. They would do the same none the less. There was no need to be a [removed] like that.

You don't see one on me, but I know who has them. That is why I asked him to pm me about them. Use that thing between your ears.

Edit: Trying to make players feel stupid is not progressive in any way. I would expect more from a Vet, and LHO, and a Forum Mod.

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And the way you assume me to be trying to ridicule someone when I wanted to have better information to clarify is all.

Seig, you should reread and think about what I asked- I have been perfectly polite and neutral, unlike you. You not having one, but knowing who has it I can understand- the way you worded it the first time sounded like you had several at offers to sell them if needed, which would have been another thing entirely.

And before you even try to drag my position into it you should consider that this was a player asking, not an official enforcer or whatever you expect. If you have issues with me, PM me or Grido/Chew, who are my superiors in 2 of the positions named. A flame war should not happen in this topic.

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