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The structure os a Fenths capsule

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The viscosity shroud

Reality is the harmonious dance between the observing and the observed.
One can not exist without the other. Existance is relative, the reality of an observed subject is determined by the sum of everything observing it. There is a difference between living observers like you and me and simple objects. Living observers are gates to reality, repeating and recreating observed reality over and over in what is called Mind. Objects are static observers, they receive information about surrounding things and do nothing creative with it. Everything is an observer regardless if intentional or not. A stone under layers of dirt "observes" the dirt that surrounds it, a plant observes its surroundings just not conscious like an animal would.

This is the role, or better said the reason why viscosity forms around a fenths. The viscosity shroud surrounding a Fenths capsule starts at zero and reaches infinity levels close to the fenths surface. In this way, the capsule is invisible to the outerworld, any information transfer between the capsule and its surroundings gets stuck in the viscosity shroud.

Have you ever seen frog eggs? That transparent jelly prottecting a central core, protecting life. Fenths are like those eggs, protecting a core of untainted reality. Untainted reality means actually "void", from void starts everything, reaches "anything" and returns back to "nothing" in a cyclic neverending process.

Fenths are not cyclic, they are "everything" on the exterior and "nothing/void" on the interiour.
In a way, fenth are the opposite of black holes. You can not touch them, they are invisible and slipping throught reality like frog eggs slip through your fingers. Analizing them from outside they seem to be unidimensional, a dot, seen from inside they are infinite. However untouchable they might be, certain rules help us create an artistic (slightly flawed) representation of how such formations could look like if visible (See the picture)


this was one of the hundreds of articles and clues i will flood md with in stage 11 :D


other titles in the series "Fenths"

- Fenths relation to heat
- How Fenths form
- Sepparating the soubtle from the gross (Fenths Press)
[s]- Conversion of a creature into Fenth[/s] (added)
[s]- Fenths as a universal resource[/s] (added)
- History of the name (keep in mind its a fully original MD name)
- Fenths and the alchemic Gold

more..always more

see u in stage 11


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[quote name='Prince Marvolo' timestamp='1312448926' post='89452']
I expected a Cube...

Nahh, I would expect an orb. Cubes are our own boxes we make around things, while Fenths are more of a quanta of Reality the way they seem described, and more "primal/elemental/natural". If you took a Fenth by sacrificing some random MP3, however, I think you might get more of a squared circle... maybe... :P

Otherwise, very interesting Mur! Of course the shell is flawed, otherwise we'd never get to use it for recipes, right? I wasn't expecting the outer 'Viscosity' holding it up though, making it seem like the old concept of Ether permeating spacetime. Hmm...

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[quote] Living observers are gates to reality, repeating and recreating observed reality over and over in what is called Mind. [/quote]

This statement turned the cranks in my Mind quite heavily :)

Here are a few regurgitated thoughts...

[font=courier new,courier,monospace]Living observers experience objects of their experience as [i]there [/i]in the outside world. The source of their experience appears to be outside of themselves. Even with creativity/imagination, the observers experience the source of images, sounds, patterns as within but still beyond themselves. But the [i]reality [/i]resides, for instance, in color that comes from a source of pre-light not yet lit, sounds from silence, patterns from nothing of yet of form - all of these things, [i]nothing[/i], yet the Source of all things created.[/font]

[font=courier new,courier,monospace]The observer and observed are seperate but related to one another, as embodied beings through the medium of viscosity. The "things" that unite them, if stripped away, become a naked presence. The observer and observed with first, and finally, nothing between them. No thing. That which is apparently "between" cannot be named by the things that come between, for it is no-thing (ie void).[/font]

The view for one who is aliented from its Source of creation is stuck in despair and doomed for failure, for their path has not been walked to the end of time, nor space, nor darkness, nor light - for one does not know that where it all ends, there it all begins.

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