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Item Values in Willow's Shop


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The 3 helmets in willows shop: Swift Lament, Bronze Helm and Crested Helm all give the same stat bonus +1 defense even though they cost very different amounts of value points. Shouldn't they also have different stat bounes to make them unique even if they costed the same number of value points?

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yeah... it must!

I don't see the problem with them. Not only the cost is different, but the look is different as well. I think it is okay if all the items with the same stats dont cost the same. Lets not make everyone look the same, let the game have more variety. It would be nice if you pay more for a better looking item. I would personally choose the better looking set although it costs more. It would even be better if there would be a bigger variety of the same items with different look. The game is not only about stats and things like that.

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