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Price check on credits.


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Since I received offers in the form of credit for some of my goods, I am wondering what is the commonly accepted exchange rate for credits x coins nowadays? If possible I am trying to get the credits in the form of credit codes, and I plan on selling the credits for coins later on. Thanks in advance!

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I've seen typical gold packs go for around 5 credits I think. Or at least that's what I've always equated it to for bare minimum prices. for example, I bought a fresh gg for 55 credits. Since the gg equates to around 15 gold minimum, we can assume that 55 credits would be worth around 15 gold or possibly more. I could be wrong, but I suppose it just depends on what you're selling. If you look at common credit prices for items, generally you can get a good picture of what a creature/item is worth based on previous market examples... as long as they aren't a year old or more.

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If somebody gives Mur money to get credits to pay another player, this is a good thing. Buying something directly with cash (or equivalents) is the no-no, as it does not benefit MD (which needs all the financial support it can get, or we will lose it...).

My experience is 15sc = 1gc = 3 credits. However, it is sometimes hard to find people willing to part with credit codes (which might have to be generated using hard cold cash), so the last equality is very subjective and will probably vary over time.

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