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I did read this announcement:
[color="#CCCCCC"]Ann. 1984 - [2011-08-16 07:12:27 - Stage 10][/color]
Land leaders are requested not to interfere with the shared tools by placing any land laws to govern their use. The tools are meant to be grabbed by anyone regardless of land and further changes to the way they will be available are still pending. It is too soon to have any land specific regulations regarding shared tools.

But I do have a question anyway.
Since there will be shared tools, like wood-chopping ones are available at the moment, herb basket too (not sure is anything else ready in Ravenhold yet).

Is there a minimum of resources that should be attempted to preserve in a location?
Like, exploit resources only when the number of resources available is 3+ or something like that...?

If the announcement tells us that there shouldn't be laws regarding the issue, then I'm just asking for guidelines for public to know how to preserve the optimal number of resource regeneration.

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LR and GG has land laws for citizens to keep at least 50% of all resources intact. For best regen though, keeping 66% at all times would be most effective, though it has so far proven quite hard to keep people on not depleting resources at certain places.

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  • Root Admin

how the resources are managed for optimal performance, or to whom or how they are sold, thats something that has nothing to do with that announcement. I simply asked kings to avoid putting rules on who gets what tools. For example, LR might be tempted to put a rule like "only lr citizens can get tools from the capital" or "woodcutting should be done only by...etc"

Because shared tools are supposed to be used by anyone that gets them, land rules cant possibly apply the same way to everyone and it would be a political mistake to issue land rules regarding them, when only citizens are punishable.

I hope that makes things more clear

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[quote name='lone wolf pup' timestamp='1313511263' post='90233']
The optimum for max regeneration would be around 2/3rds, as resources regenerate 50% rounded up I think.

Optimum minimum/ Max capicity

actually you specified minimum number left keeping maximum productivity. optimum should also take human error into account and would be more:
as recommended harvest levels... still, most probably some locatrions are just bound to get depleted by short term greed, lack of knowledge, character role

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A more precise percentage of resources that will allow to regenerate to maximum at next regeneration is 66.0(*)6666666...% (add more 0s at * to increase precision). This is because as long as there is a 0.0000...1 of a resource it will round up to an integer value. Although the maximum number of resources required at a location to require such precise harvesting is virtually astronomical.

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