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WTS/WTT Creatures, Resources, and Stone

Hedge Munos

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I've transferred everything over to this thread, because I'm no longer buying all those creatures...



[s][b]Santa:[/b] -- [b]Current Offer: 1gc + 35 silver -- Tipu[/b][/s]
[s]ID: 757630[/s]
[s]Age: 7[/s]
[s]Stored Heat: 132001[/s]
[s]Tokens: None[/s]

[s][b]Rusty:[/b] -- [b]Current Offer: 5gc Anonymous[/b][/s]
[s]ID: 758478[/s]
[s]Stored Heat: 0[/s]
[s]Age: 7[/s]
[s]Tokens: None[/s]

[s][b]Pimped Grasan 1: - 2sc by everyone[/b][/s]
[s]ID: 572346[/s]
[s]Age: 251[/s]
[s]Stored Heat: 324794[/s]
[s]Tokens: None[/s]

[b]Pimped Grasan 2:[/b]
ID: 752788
Age: 44
Stored Heat: 33936
Tokens: None

[s][b]Pimped Grasan 3: - 1 silver by Chengmingz[/b][/s]
[s]ID: 753292[/s]
[s]Age: 44[/s]
[s]Stored Heat:32783[/s]
[s]Tokens: Claw I[/s]

[b]Pimped Grasan 4:[/b]
ID: 753294
Age: 43
Stored Heat: 41875
Tokens: None

[s][b]I was also asked by Ignnus to add his Nutcracker to this thread. Same rules apply to this sale.[/b][/s]

[s][b]Nutcracker:[/b] - [b]Current Offer: 4gc 10 silver by Hedge Munos[/b][/s][b] - SOLD[/b]
[s]ID: 759591[/s]
[s]Stored Heat: 11585[/s]
[s]Age: 0[/s]


See my papers. I am now the [b][color=#008000]Green Grocer[/color][/b]


- Movelock Stone

[b]I have the right NOT to sell if offers are too low[/b]


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4gc 10 silver for nutcracker


[quote name='Vornicel' timestamp='1325525276' post='99397']
can u tell me please when the licitation will end????

Ignnus will end the Nutcracker sale whenever he chooses...

I'll be ending this once there are no new offers after a period of 5 days.


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[quote]Ignnus will end the Nutcracker sale whenever he chooses...[/quote]

Okay people,Nutcracker sale is finalized in 22:30 server time...(unless you don't stop bidding of course)

Edited by ignnus
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