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Apprentice Axe - LR citizen only


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[color=#CCCCCC]Ann. 1984 - [2011-08-16 07:12:27 - Stage 10][/color]
Land leaders are requested not to interfere with the shared tools by placing any land laws to govern their use. The tools are meant to be grabbed by anyone regardless of land and further changes to the way they will be available are still pending. It is too soon to have any land specific regulations regarding shared tools.

[color=#CCCCCC]Ann. 1982 - [2011-08-16 06:51:41 - Stage 10][/color]
[b]Woodcutters tools migrated to shared[/b]
All woodcutter tools are now shared tools and can be picked up and use by anyone at the designated building inside Loreroot capital. Woodcutters guild members are asked to wait patiently till the new way their guild will work will be announced. Several more changes are needed before that, changes that will affect all resoruces guilds not just woodcutters.

Bases on the two announcements above I should be able to use the tool. However, I get msg:

[center][center][b]~ Aprentice's Axe ~[/b]
[color=#CC0000]#This item is usable only if you are a citizen of the same land Woodcutters Guild belongs to. That land is Loreroot[/color]

a few hours ago I succesfully used it (got stat bonus for usage - so it wasn't a case of overlooked message)

item ID: 9356[/center][/center]

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[color="#CCCCCC"]Ann. 1994 - [2011-08-22 23:52:11 - Stage 11][/color]
The woodcutting tools are now usable just by Lorerootians. A similar restriction will be placed on other resources (like it was when tools belonged just to a guild). In this way becoming citizen of a land means also that you could gather certain resources or not. Tools limited to a specific land or guild can be still taken by anyone else, just not used.

--- Answered.

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