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Cyber sex strikes again


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Oh yes! In case you were wandering if it is still happening, I have the answer. It is.

I have the chat. The culprits? Our dear Innocence and apparently a noob (in case it's not an alt).
Where? In the good ol' MDA. Maintenance Access Stairs to be more exact.

And the Announcement with the rules changing:

Ann. 1260 - [2010-01-10 00:24:30 - Alpha 9]
Rule change
As from now, due to the existance of a dedicated private place where you can talk anything you want, sexual explicit chats (more "types" pending to be added) will no longer be tolerated anywhere else in MD. This means that if anyone catches you talking such things anywhere, labirint, remote places, not to mention public locations, you can get baned for it. There are a lot of kids playing and reading your ..things.. this can't be allowed anymore. Thank you for understanding.

Mods, please, close the topic. I just wanted to make this public because I will escalate the issue to higher management.

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Ok...WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE! Don't you have any decency? Or at least enough brain not to break the rules?

Found 2 more cyber sex-ers:Dragual MOnarth and Princess Katt.

Oh...forgot the Location: same MDA - Fountain of Lost Path! Did Mur spray some aphrodisiacs around the MDA or pheromones??

For god sake! Stop it!

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