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Selling Scripting Services!


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So, Im back from a vacation and have rediscovered my love for coding and scripting things. As such, recently iv written a lot of different code that does lots of different things with MD.

And although i have some rare creatures, compared with my contemporaries i lack many cool things (dont have a morph for example). Therefore i need some coin to buy stuff. So i am selling my services to anyone who wishs to employ me.

I have extensive knowledge of:

Javascript - used to create fun little scripts to show hide, move, and manipulate web pages which can turn a normal html page into something fun - [url="http://magicduel.com/players/chewett"]Example: My Personal Page[/url]
MDScript - I have created numerous large and small appliactions in MDScript, With the Post office being banned because it went around what Mur wanted. I have the ability to edit items and all grades of clickables.
PHP - MDScript is the "copy" of PHP. It can be used for large scale applications that can interfer and talk to MD automatically. Such examples are accounts that log themselves into MD and do things.

I will freely discuss any scripts you want to run by me for no charge. All parts of the code that you commission me for will be discussed at length and a price will be discussed for the work. If you want any additional work or the nature of the work changes then we will again discuss the changes and the price changes.

However, the cost will be a maximum. Because i find coding fun if i enjoy doing what you are paying me to do i might do it for free and give you the deposit you paid back. If im having fun then its enough payment for doing something for you.

If you want any help or advice with scripts i will gladly do this free of charge.

Here is a small list of scripts i have written, which have some relevence on MD.

[b]Tainted Angien Checker[/b] - Partially In Use - I was the first to code up a clicky for checking if an angien was tainted on the talking rock at GoE. I replace it there every now and then during festivals and such when angiens may possibly be tainted but a pernament one is avalible on Burns Clickable in MDP.

[b]Automatic Login and scripting of Accounts[/b]
- Blocked - Captcha has disabled this project currently because Mur didnt like it.

[b]Automatic quest characters talking[/b] - Blocked - Due to the captcha. Mur didnt like the ability to automate these things. Might make a comeback depending on the wookie magic.

[b]MD Post Office[/b] - Removed - This was a script that allowed people to leave messages for others to pick up. Mur then changed the rules regarding MD Scripts so he asked me to remove it.

[b]Lho Application Script [/b]- In Use - Grido commissioned this from me, and i wrote it using MD Script. There is an advanced version in the pipeline that has been in devolpment for a while. But Grido pays badly... Well, not at all!

[b]Personal Pages[/b] - In Use - Currently they are running some nice little javascript to display infomation. Simple little script.

[b]Colourful Mood Panel[/b] - Blocked - Mur didn't like this due to the fact it was adding colours and would add technical issues when/if the mood panel gets changes. Hence he blocked the development and release of this script. Although i do use it for easier display of information.

If you want your papers to stand out from others, Or want to have a look at running a MDscript related quest look no further!

[b]Special Offer! Wix pages are so hideous my eyes pysically hurt when viewing them! Therefore if you have a wix page and want to turn it into a normal html page, with some special effects similar to mine then i will do it for half the price![/b]
[center][center][size=5]Contact me for any questions, pricing or help needed with any Script! Make your MDScript Dream, a Reality[/size][/center][/center]

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  • Root Admin

This is currently on hold due to the large amount of work i am doing at the moment.

If your script idea hasnt been replied to, please bump it, i have recieved a large amount of PM's recently.

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