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Fyrd's creatures took the Lost Path

Fyrd Argentus

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Well, some of you may have noticed that I no longer offer creatures as trade-in on pickle points. This is because all my prize creatures have dissappeared. That's like - FORTY creatures. The evil Queen Esmerelda and her Princess daughter have spirited them off to the underworld - my attempt to banish those two backfired on me. Only the creatures I commune with regularly are still with me.

I searched high and low and found a portal to the Spirit Underworld beneath the lands in the Far East, but it is a dark and difficult place to access, and I had little luck in trying to recover my creatures.

What I was able to do was set up a resonance between this maze-like world and another maze here in the main lands - The Labyrinth. I was able to use the ethric conductive properties of the viscous slime that is covering the realm to set up a resonant portal from the sign at the entrance to the Labyrinth off to the Spirit Underworld.

I'm not asking for help getting my creatures back - just your help in rescuing them from a fate worse than death. Please - rescue them and you can keep them. Go to the entrance to The Labyrinth, off the road to the MDA, and "LOOK" at the sign. The rest should be pretty straight-forward.

I tried to reconnoiter some, and got some help from a few spirits. Much of the Underworld is empty, gray, and formless except where spirits of some sort reside. In this sense, staying in the inhabited areas is part of the maze-like quality of the place. In addition, a spirit told me I needed to find something called "the main concourse" which forms like the trunk of a twisted tree, but that all my creatures are close to that, like they had branched off from the main trunk of the tree a short ways. I don't understand it either - just go look for my creatures.

Don't just sit there staring at this note - go look for my creatures! Please!

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ummm... I tried, but whenever I select one of the first three options, and click move along, it just repeats the same page, I tried them all, still the same. Is that intended?

Edit : a few people have confirmed this...

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Update: the connection to the Spirit Underworld has been restored, by my creatures are still very much in hiding. I will play my music and try to coax them out where they can be found, a few at a time. There will be no sudden "event" announced from here forward.

The inanimate treasures that are hidden are still there to be found, btw....

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I have recovered much of the ground lost when the evil Queen and Princess blocked off my entrance to the Spirit Underworld. I have made contact with at least 15 of my lost creatures.

Please, somebody go save them by "LOOK"-ing at the Labyrinth sign.

Yes, I know, the evil pair have thrown up another barrier at the MDA gate. Many of you can't even get to the Labyrinth now. Try using a spicy pickle.... ASK!

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Ok, 9 months have passed and 41 of my spirit friends are still trapped in the labyrinth. All I want is for you to save them. Go to the labyrinth, LOOK at the sign, follow the corridors into the spirit underworld and find them. Rescue them from this hell, where they were put by Queen Esmeralda and the Evil Princess, and they are yours.

Currently hidden are:
7 tormented souls and 7 unholy priests
5 jokers and 10 fat pimps
4 angiens and 8 noble Imperials
Also, silver, gold, and credits.

Why is nobody looking? Save them!

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Wow! I am so grateful at the outrush of assistance, bringing these creatures back from the land of the dead.

If we can do this, we can bring anything and anybody back!

Thanks to this wonderful community effort, only TWO of those creatures remain trapped in the spirit underworld - both IMPS.

I am very impressed.

Oddly, nobody has claimed any silver, gold, or credits....

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ooc: Now hear this - if you solve the Eastern branch of the Lost Path Adventure, you gain the ability to edit the contents of this maze.... there are two players who already have this ability, besides me.

There is not an xyz limit, but there are Memory Capacity issues.....

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