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Account deletion

Elthen Airis

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Nah, actually i don't mind them sitting like that, but i wanted to change my e-mail adresses and they are used on different accounts, which is annoying. I guess my solution is to actually make a new e-mail and change through it.

I find it really strange that Mur doesn't want accounts deleted. He usually has a reason for not doing a particular thing. What's the reason behind this one? If your account gets hijacked you can't really lose your account, but only what's in it... That's the only plus i can think of right now.

On the other hand, all those unused accounts, aren't they just making it hard for the machine that's holding this whole game? That's unnecessary information that is kept in the servers. Seems a bit impractical.

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Yeah, that is another good reason, but what about alts, which have no real historical value to the server?

Anyway, it won't be possible to make only alts being able to close their accounts, so there's no real solution to the matter, at least for now.

Edit: I already changed my e-mail address, it's ok. :D

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