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TypeError ?!


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[b]Error: TypeError[/b]
[b]Err description: undefined[/b]
[b]Err number: undefined[/b]
[b]Err message: erolin.SetVariable is not a function[/b]

[b]Ajax response:[/b]

[b]erolin.SetVariable("heat","0"); //debug sound [/b]
[b] //var sounds = document.getElementById('sounds');[/b]
[b] //sounds.TGotoLabel('_level0','chatmsg');[/b]
[b] [/b]

[b] parent.textArray = new Array;[/b]
[b] [/b]

[b] //alert('test');[/b]
[b] [/b]
[b] var errtxt = "Error: "+err.name + "\nErr description: " + err.description+ "\nErr number: " + err.number+ "\nErr message: " + err.message;[/b]
[b] alert(errtxt); [/b]
[b] }[/b]

I have no ideea what this is, I do not have any experience with this kind of stuff but I get it very very often while doing nothing in MD actually, just sitting there and this thing pops up.. help ?

I'm using Firefox.

..and..oh yea! .. the heat counter dissapeared since this error spam started... it's like deleting a text, erase it and the one under (Regen counter and stats) comes up to replace it.

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  • Root Admin

are you using flashblock, Noscript or any type of blocking program installed on firefox?

The code is saying that it cant find the heat device, which is probably because you have "blocked" it from loading. Hence why you cant see it.

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hm.. yes you're right. I got a blocking program around 'ere..

Block Enabled
||magicduel.com/art/erolin/* [] ( <- checkbox :D )

thanks allot Chewett ^^ .

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