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How to buy a 2nd avatar while keeping the existing one

Passant the Weak

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I'm a bit confused with the purchase of avatars. I currently have one that I would like to keep. In addition I want to buy another one from the store.

I understand that my current avy will be lost in the process if I don't store it in my vault before. However, when I open my vault it says it is in it already....

So, the question is simple:
- can I buy a 2nd avatar while keeping my current one?
- what is the process (step by step) to do so?


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it may be not the easiest... but it works
1. enter your avy vault
2. send your current avy ATC to somebody you trust
3. wait for it to get claimed
4. purchase new avy
5a. if you wanted to display new avy it's enough to get and claim ATC back - making sure you choose store avatar in vault option
5b. if you wanted to display old avy you need to send new avy ATC to the same perdon first and claim old avy using the 1 credit option to display

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Is there a way to grab an avatar from the shop that you accidentally "sold" instead of putting in your vault?
Or do I need to shuffle every few days in hopes of getting it to display again, then buy it back?

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Yep, looks like I messed up and lost the avatar.
It looks suspiciously like this, but darker. :)
Drawn by Duke of Malfi[/spoiler]

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[quote name='Fyrd Argentus' timestamp='1315959894' post='91965']
Is it not possible to send your current avy to the vault and not wear one at all? I never did this, but assumed it would work.

You cannot send your current avy to the vault without trading with someone. When you have an avy, it is shown in your vault, so that you have information about it (ATC's, ID's); so, when you try to send your current avy to your vault, it claims it's already in your vault. When you buy a new avy and you already had one, they swap and the one you had before goes into the shop, it DOES NOT stay in your vault.

Xrieg's process is the one I've been using. I currently have 5 avatars, and each time I've had to use this process.

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