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Worst day ever in MD?

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[quote]This is your profile change for today, This profile resets once a day at 00:00 server time. Current server time is: 15:16

[b]regeneration[/b] --0.694
[b]energeticimmun[/b] --0.686
[b]tradesense[/b] --0.806
[b]briskness[/b] --0.806
[b]initiative[/b] --0.806
[b]defence[/b] --0.686
[b]attack[/b] --0.211
[b]luck[/b] --0.134
[b]power[/b] --0.403


Forgot to add... My worst day in MD was when I somehow found myself at the Demeneted Path during the Necrovion archeology Dig. I swear I never clicked an arrow.

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How about the day I discovered, after lots of work training, that I really didn't understand how imp and bp auras worked after all.....?

Or the day that about 20 pages of data on my Spirit Underworld quest went over-size and I lost it?

[Reply to C.o.S -- I still don't understand creatureboost either, but I thought I did and spent a lot of time training creatures to do things that it turns out they couldn't.... This was about when I stopped grinding... pure coincidence, maybe....]

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