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The Tribunal's viscosity


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So what I am thinking is that since the Tribunal still has quite low viscosity (negative in a lot of places) if a lot of us would take a walk around it as far as you can go, we could quite possibly lower the viscosity to -80 in most to all of the locations. After that, the Tribunal could be a more populated place. Think of it like No Man's Land and Marind Bell, there are a lot of people there regularly, the same could be for the Tribunal. Let me know what you think about the idea.

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i don't think that everyone would agree to that. (though i would like that myself). Mur once mentioned that the Tribunal is not a place for newbies. I was also one of the reason he put up the viscosity idea.

Anyway, i would really like to explore the land beyond the second door.. i once traveled to that point before the viscosity was implemented that made it impossible to go beyond

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