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AP bonus for number of visit in location


Reduced AP for visits  

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(originally posted: [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/10692-land-loyalty-matters-for-ap/page__view__findpost__p__93084"]http://magicduel.inv...dpost__p__93084[/url])

How about reducing AP cost for moving based on number of visits in location. Not too much - say 1AP for every 25-50 visits. Visiting a location also shows affinity to the location... Maybe even more than citizenship with citizens not visiting their homeland.

LE: forgot about poll :-(( could comebody add simple poll:
1. good worth implementing
2 .good - but there are many better with comparable implementation cost
3. poor

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Poll added.

Otherwise, i'm against that idea. It summarizes to the same thing as AP bonus for active days, which we already have.
It'd be very bad if you could move freely everywhere after a while, while newbies cannot.

It'd also invite people to use more scripts and spend even less time with actual playing.

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Thnaks for adding the poll.
I believe it would be consistent with the last change - you can move easily through the land you know well. You learn the land by being citizen of or coming there often
Abuse danger... Attack scripts would be much more rewarding than moving scripts.... especially since I would recommend low rewards (I believe current loyalty reward is too jhigh in terms of AP/ AD) - with 50 visits/ AP you need 2k visits to move free. and if you visited the location 2k times I believe it shows more affinity than below 2 months as land citizen (... and most often the location is -80 viscosity anyway)

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I don't think that this is a very good idea either.

I like some of the changes that viscosity has brought to the Realm and, while I do sometimes get frustrated when I'm stuck somewhere, it does make sense...

You keep saying "affinity". To me, affinity with a scene would be judged on how much time you've spent on a scene, not how many visits you have there.
For example, I'm someone who spends a lot of time running around. I have 2k visits to scenes that I've never said a word on, just because I have to pass through those scenes in order to get to where I actually want to be spending my time.

Also, it would quickly negate the raising of all of the Land Gate's ap cost. People could get into Necrovion within their first couple of weeks if they just stood around swapping between scenes over and over and over again. Even faster if they wrote a script to do it. (The Necro Gates would cost 29.3k visits, by the way.)

To echo Shadowseeker, the land loyalty option seems best. I would like to be able to move around easier, but.... this isn't the way to accomplish it.

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For clarification: I do not want to move quicker, I do like viscosity. Bonus I advocate is meant to be very slowly building. If you consider 50 too low it 100. I think somebody who went whrough a location with viscosity +40 100 times learned his way a bit (this is what I mean by affinity - knowing how to move through, nothing deeper)
By similar token I could question sense of the new land loyalty bonus (again: I do not, I like it even if I think it's too high) - I was frequent visitor to GG and NV and there was extremally few ppl there. I do not quite understand why ppl visiting a place often must struggle to move while ppl who joined the land but never visit it move free
Thanks for pointing out the gate issue - gates would have to be exceptions, no number of visit bonus (passing by the gate does not render knowloedge what is behind, by the same reasoning)

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I've been to Mur's gate almost 100 times and can give directions on how to get there and I've gone through most of the maze around 50 odd times and made (and just recently re-made) myself a map to help keep on my path, but I go through places over and over again to build "muscle memory" for how to move through them. While getting to move through those areas, I've also made a lot of mistakes and these areas would also be easier to walk through.

While it would be nice, especially since I'm one of those people that walk around a lot, I don't think having visits reduce the amount of ap to walk through places is the way to go.

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