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Get your glass for Halloween! For free!

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Soothing Sand and Passant the weak, owners of the most efficient Sand Melters in the realm, are hosting a distribution of free Raw glass to celebrate Haloween. That way, anyone who wish so will have a shiny ressource that they could use as a mirror. Either to admire their own decorated face, or to repel vampires attacks during the night.

The event will be active from the 29th to the 31st October.

To do so, we will get strong support of Burns and Golemian citizen who are holding Stone Detectors: they will provide us with sand for free. And we will transform that sand into raw glass for free, and distribute it to the people who ask.

For those who don't know what we are talking about, we invite you to check that topic: [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/10831-from-sand-to-glass-a-scientific-alchemy/page__pid__94665#entry94665"]http://magicduel.inv...4665#entry94665[/url]

The idea is to allow the maximum number of players to have the chance to get some glass. In that perspective, we would like to set up a few rules:
- quantity of glass provided is limited only by the amount of sand we will get... and time and physical constraints (we can't be online 24/7during the period). We have no idea of the amounbt that will be available, as it is the first time we are trying such a distribution, but we are commited to give our best effort.
- quantity distributed is limited to 1 batch of 8 glass per person
- we ask players to not use ALTs to get our glass. We can not enforce that rule, but hope everybody will understand and respect it.
- in case it is needed, a priority list will be set up. Priority will be given to people who don't have glass in their pocket. Higher priority will be given to "young" players (AD<150 or so) who have usually no real possibility to get sand or glass, or any item.
- No order will be taken into account: you have to be here to get your glass. We will make the maximum effort to be in accessible place (depending on other festivities going on) and to cover most of the clock (Soothing Sand and myself are in different time zones, so that should help).

Any help from anyone to fill up our heat jar is welcome!

We hope you will enjoy that distribution... and we are sure you will enjoy our top quality glass, and not only because you can get it for free!

~Soothing Sand & Passant

PS. As of now Soothing has no heat Jar. We would be grateful if someone could lend or loan one (18K would be perfect). We are ready to pay the fee for that.

PPS. If official Halloween party should happen in a remore place, we may postpone the distribution to make it more efficient.

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A small clarification: the demand is quite high at the moment, so we distribute to whoever is present at the same time and the same place as us. We cannot follow all orders placed in forum or ingame, sio just poke us later on. Event last long enough for everyone to have a chance. Don't worry!

And thanks to all helpers!

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We have distributed so far 18 batches of glass. Well, at least 18. we should add those we don't remember because either Soothing Sands was drunk or I was sleepy.

We have received freat help from Golemus citizens, in form of sand and jars.

We have received great help from the community in form of Heat and kindness.

Keep them going, we have an ever filling waiting list and still a bit of energy to continue!

PS. Kamisha; you're on the list, keep on asking until served ;)

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[quote name='Kamisha' timestamp='1320003124' post='94949']
Thanks for the glass ill use my next wish-point to put it to good use.
The independant united sand melters will be truly honored. When you achieve that . Please show us the result for our book!

Today is the last day of the event. We will do our best to please anyone as we have pleased so far two dozens of adventurers of all sort: male, female, strong, weak, awesome, ugly, ...

The following people will have priority all day long, for having asked us in the week, and not being served due to lack of ressource, or because they were too aged to be on a good place in the priority list. They have been patient and understanding; We thank them for that. Find me (Park or Winds Sanctuary when I am not filling up a jar) or message me with an accessible location where you idle and the next batch is for you.
[s]asad suhail[/s], [s]Raif Heartseeker[/s], [s]Quas[/s], xrieg, peace.

Others can still ask and will get served as long as we have ressource for that!

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Distribution has ended. xrieg, peace and shantu are on teh waiting list. I'm quite sure we will find an arrangement with sand donators to provide them with glass in the next days. If I forgot someone who did ask the right way and received ackowledment from me, let me know.

I will publish tomorrow the names of our best helpers, along with a few gifts for them.

Thanks for all who supported us during the event, and make all good use of our artwork... because never forget that glass making is an art. And you get the 2 best artists: Soothing Sands and passant the weak, glass expert. :D

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OK, so Halloween was yesterday; Hangover is today. And now is time to make a bit of summary of what was achieved as far as glass is concerned in those 3 days of crazyness.

[b]31 happy winners[/b] of a set of 8 raw glass (including 2 that we still have to serve)
[b]248 beautiful pieces of glass[/b] disseminated in the realm
[b]466k of heat[/b] poured into our Sand melters
With the waste, that means over 500k heat gathered by us and our helpers.

We have received help from a lot of players and we are grateful for it. We cannot mention everyone, but they should know that this event wouldn't have been the same without them. I am amazed how creative helpers have been: some have offered to fill up jars, some have offered filled up jars, some have offered jars, some have offered sand from their own inventory. . We have even seen people offering glass from their inventory, either on loan as a temporary solution when we were out of glass ourselves, or definitely as a gift for Halloween. Whoever says that the community is selfish is wrong. Let's rather say lazy. :P When given the opportunity, people show a helpful face.

I will name the helpers who have achieved something special. We have decided to thank them with a small gift. We are not rich, but we hope they will take that gift as a mark of gratitude from Soothing Sands and myself. They helped us without knowing they would get something in return, and that makes their help even more valuable.

[b]Darkraptor[/b]: first to donate heat. Has shown a stubborness that was recognized, as he continued to do so constantly. He was willing to donate more than we could take and almost made us appear like lazy people not able to eat his heat!
Granted [b]1 silver and 1 set of raw glass[/b] whenever he wants it (he will have to provide sand though! :P ).

[b]Jolla[/b]: gave his heat jar to Soothing Sands on day 1 of the event, which (almost) avoided Soothing from dying ashamed of not being prepared. :))
Granted [b]1 silver and 1 set of raw glass[/b] whenever he wants it (he will have to provide sand though!)

[b]Kiley[/b]: gave a heat jar for free when I was without one, after passing minein the wrong pocket. She refused payment.
Granted [b]1 silver and 1 set of raw glass[/b] whenever she wants it (she will have to provide sand though!)

[b]Maebius[/b]: provided an unlucky winner with his own raw glass to compensate a temporary lack of stock on our side. Did it because he claimed "I see you every time, you can repay me later".
Granted [b]1 set of raw glass[/b] whenever he wants it. And yes, he has already been repayed, don't trick me!

[b]MasterB[/b]: sand donator. He has been donating sand regularly up to the last day. He has also filled up his jar whenever needed.
Granted [b]1 Pimped Grassan from Soothing Sands personal collection and 3 sets of raw glass[/b] for his own usage whenever he wants them (he will have to provide sand though).

[b]MRAlyon[/b]: sand donator. Forced us to start the event in advance because he started to donate sand. He donated constantly during the event (probably 80% of the total sand we got), showing that a grinder is always a grinder, stubborn and concentrated in anything he is doing... even when it is for the community! :P
Granted: [b]Amy Winehouse, Pimped grasan aged 242 from my personal collection.[/b] Also granted a [b]daily access to our glass for the next two weeks[/b]: he can get 1 set of glass for free per day whenever he asks in the next 2 weeks (he will have to provide sand though). We request that the glass provided from us that way is for MRAlyon personal usage though (hey we have a business!)

[b]Burns[/b]: he is the one who made this possible. As an executive of Golemus Golemiracum he accepted to help us in that event, by supporting our action and suggesting GG citizen to help us with sand donation. He also donated himself quite a lot of sand.
Granted: [b]daily access to our glass for the next month [/b](he will have to provide sand though). We request that the glass provided from us that way is for Burns personal usage though (hey we have a business!)

Winners of coins and creatures shall contact me to claim their gift. Winners of glass shall contact either Soothing Sands or myself.

[b]And again, thanks to all who helped, and all who sent us a sign of encouragement for our event. [/b]

[color=#008080][i]PS. We would also like to thank a certain demon for the interest he showed in our initiative, and the way he ackowledged his agreement on it. We are both very happy.[/i][/color]

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  • 3 weeks later...

A small update to annoucethat silver/creatures were all given... except my Amy Winehouse that MRAlyon reused to take, suggesting she would e better if she stayed with me.

AsI have not been available lately (remote trips in the realm and now story mode), Burns and MRAlyon have their 'free glas period" extended by 2 weeks. The other can ask for their glass making whenever they want, but preferably before XMAs or I will forget all about it. :)

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