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Magic Duel Haloween Creep-a-Thone!


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[b]What ? How? When? [/b]

So...here it is. Currently there are 7 challenges. Each one of them has a number of points. Your goal is to get as many points as possible. In the end there can be only one :D (or more :P depends on the number of participants). However, each challenge will have its own winner(s) (and rewards :P). This means that you are not required to do ALL the challenges. It's up to you how you manage them.

Also, I need few judges. If anyone wishes to volunteer, please do so. I want a fair contest. PM me on the forum if you'd like to help.

The challenges will start today at 20:00 ST. Below you'll find the list of them and a bit of info. If you have questions, please post them here.

List of challenges:

[b]1.MD Halloween Trivia![/b] This will take place tomorrow at 22:00 ST. But due to the fact that usually trivia games are frowned upon because of lag and such, this trivial will have a slight twist. Questions will be general ones (of course related to HW) but there will be also questions related to past MD Halloween Events. So start reading the forums :P. Scoring is easy for this so I will not detail it.

[b]2.MD Halloween Slogans[/b]. I guess the name says it all. So lads and lasses...start thinking! I will open a new thread where you'll be able to post your slogans. They need to be MD and HW related, of course. The scoring will be done by judges + me. This will end tomorrow at 23:59 ST. So start thinking!

[b]3.MD Halloween short funny/creepy stories[/b]. This is a 2 in one challenge. You need to submit either a funny or a creepy story (MD+Halloween related). I think maximum 1000 words (and when i say 1000 maximum it means it can have also 10 words but if they are good...well..you get the points). Again, thread opens at 20:00 PM today and ends tomorrow at 23:59 ST. Points will be given by judges.

[b]4.Research! [/b]This was inspired by Mur and his research contests. Starting with 20:00 ST today, I will post a research subject (again HW related). You have 30 minutes from the moment I post the subject to research as much as you can about that subject and post a doc on the forum (pics included). Minimum 500 words. Scoring: first that posts get maximum points and all the rest get one point less then the previous.
Eg: 10 participants. First gets 10 points, next gets 9 and so on.

[b]5.Crazy food and beverages recipes.[/b] Thread opens at 20:00 ST and closes at 23:59. You need to create crazy recipes using stuff that can be found in MD or are MD related (toxicodendrite spit, Greedo's hair, Burns' toe etc). Scoring will be done by judges.

[b]6.Solve a crime!! Or 2...[/b] I will post 1 or 2 or 3 crime stories. You'll be ask to answer a question (or to solve the mystery). Answers will be given via PM. And scoring will be done the same as with Research.

[b]7.Incantations time!!![/b] Write an incantation to get ride of someone. Or to make that someone suffer. The more funnier the better. Scoring will be done by judges. Thread opens at 20:00 ST and ends at 23:59 tomorrow.

Additional notes: if nobody offers to help with judging, you'll be stuck with me...and I have strange tastes when it comes to such things so don't be surprised if what you hate I will love and the other way around. Hope it will not be the case though...
Rewards: for each challenge - credit codes (and something else if I get some sponsors). For the one that gathers most of the points - 1 WP. BUT if the number of participants is high, I might offer WPs to 2nd and 3rd place.
If you have other ideas for challenges, please let me know and I will include them. The more, the merrier!

[b]Good luck and may you all have fun!!![/b]

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Hi All,

I need to deeply apologize for not sticking to the schedule I have announced in this first post. That is why I decided to extend the time frame for the Creep-a-Thone until Sunday.

Trivia - let's schedule it for Friday 22:00 because the chances of something unexpected happening *cough*damn work*cough* is almost zero.

Research - time increased to 1 hour.

Solve a mystery or 2 - I have the stories, I will try my best to post them as soon as possible.

Once again, I apologize.

Thank you,

Solve a murder or 2

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After a looong timeI finally had the time to centralize the results and I have the winners. I will post each category with its winner(s) and at the end the Creep-a-Thone Champion.

But before that, few words about judging: I did not judge any of the categories. The grades are the ones given by judges. You will see categories with 1 winner and categories with 3. That is so because I awarded player with the top score but since for certain categories there were players with the same top score, I awarded all of them. Trivia was not taken into account because I was not able to held it. Solve a mystery or 2 was about how fast you are and it only counted for the big picture aka Crrep-a-Thone Champion.

[b]Crazy Food and Beverages:[/b]


Prize: code of 5 credits

[b]Halloween short funny/creepy stories:[/b]

Kyphis the bard

Prize:code of 5 credits

[b]MD Halloween Slogans:[/b]


Prize: code of 5 credits


Prize: code of 5 credits



Prize: code of 5 credits

[color=#0000ff][b]And the winner of the Creep-a-Thone 2011 is....[/b][/color]


Prize: 1 WP.

Winners, please send me a forum PM with the number of codes you have won and the categories.

Maybe next year I will have a lot more time to organize such things...but who knows :D

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