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Crazy food and beverages recipes


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We shall be attempting MD Stew (Note: Inspirations comes from the people whom I can think of when I made this, so this is coincidental- all lists are examples)

To make the stew, please prepare the following:
A pot, preferrably using an empty aramor, heated with eternal flames of Mt.Kelletha.- substitue using Tipu, can even cook him alive within it.
Pieces of meat from MD animals, e.g. Marvolo (wolf), Darigan, King Bull, Hedge the Frog etc.
Blood of a grinder: Eon, MRAlyon, xrieg, etc
Feathers of something winged: stavariou, Angiens, etc
A carrot for good measure! Add Raven, can even add to the previous point.
Cannot have anything without proper inner magic...toss some spelldocs in, e.g. Mur, Shadowseeker, dst, etc

The base having been completed, we stir it for 10mins on high heat, then proceed to flavour it:
The tongues of complaint: Firs, Manda, Darigan
and the explosion of a leaver: Shoeps, Curiose, Lifeline
for the variant of the despair of MD

rotten chunk of meat from a fossil: Shadowseeker, dst, Mur, etc
a few aged creatures <100k ID
for the stone age soup.


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MD omelette with Grasan's flavor (appetizer)

This energizing appetizer requires lots of different eggs to be prepared but will grant you the admiration of your guests.

Required tools:
- 2 heat-resistant flat containers;
- 1 taller container (a Heat jar would work nicely);
- 1 heat stone;
- 1 branch;
- mineral water;

Ingredients (for 4 persons):
- 2 Winderwild's egg;
- 2 Elementals egg;
- 1 GG Drachorn egg (you can either use Rusty's or Rein's eggs, but you need to correct their bitter taste using 2 fenths for each colored egg);
- 1 Wind Dragon egg;
- 1 Grasan (alive);
- Aromatic plants (at will);
- Water.

Shell all Winderwild's and Elemental's eggs into a flat container and scramble them.
Add aromatic plants to that slimy moisture (recommended: chive, onions and nutmeg) and leave at rest for 1 regeneration counter. In the meanwhile fill the tall container with water and use the heat stone to bring it to boiling point.
Warm the flat container, blending the mixture with a branch until you obtain an omelette-like exquisiteness, then reverse it using the second flat container.
Shell the GG Drachorn's and the Windy's eggs and pour them carefully into the boiling water (don't throw away the shells, you'll need them later!).
As soon as the Drachorn's and Windy's eggs coagulate and come to surface (see: poached egg's recipes for further details), use pieces of shell to collect the poached eggs and place them artistically on the omelette.
As a final touch, ask the Grasan to fart on the resulting omelette. This will add that delicate truffle flavor your guests would surely love.

Happy Samhain!

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Here is a simple recipe, Toxic Tea!

You will need: two tea pots, tea cups, branches, a heat jar or a heat stone, water from the Fountain of Dark Vibrations, and toxic plants.

Collect the water from the Fountain of Dark Vibrations and put it into one of your tea pots. Proceed to heat the water with your heat jar or heat stone and bring it to a boil. Insert the toxic plants into the other tea pot (add extra toxic plants proportional to the amount of flavor and/or death you wish to experience), then pour the hot water over the toxic plants. Stir and let the toxins seep into the water, then pour the tea into your tea cups and enjoy! Be sure to share with all of your friends.

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I will be making stuffed drunken knator eyeball appetizers.

1 Bottle of Tequilla
1 knator
1 branch
2 mineral water
1 lemon

one cauldron
one spork
6,000 heat jar full

Find a friendly knator. Invite him out for a drink. Drink the bottle of Tequila with him until he is really drunk. When he's not looking, bash him over the head with the cauldron. Take the spork and spork out both of his eyeballs. Take the bloody cauldron and start a fire under it with the branches. Put in the 2 mineral water. Bring to boil. Plop the eyeballs in. Squeeze lemon juice into the cauldron. Wait 5 minutes. Serve while the eyeballs are still twitching.

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Loreroot Soup

1 tail of Water Being I, pit roasted then cubed
4 cups Pathfinder Lake Water, seasoned
1 sprig Rosemary
3 bay leaf, whole
1 whole wild onion

Simmer in crock pot 1 spin of the Server Time or until tenderized

Add root vegetables like potatoes, carrots or cat tails (not feline, plant)
Simmer 40 min until vegetables are just tender but still have a bite to the tooth. (not soggy)

Serve with buiscuits or a hardy bread.

Wine, Ale, or Beer as a compliment to the soup

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I will present a very special drink. I call it, the Grasan Molotov.

It can be served both as a shot and as a long drink.
This wonderful drink consists of 1 part absinth, 1 part grasan ferment and a very small leaf of nightshade. You first put the grasan ferment and the dried and ground leaf of nightshade in the glass and mix them together, then gently add the absinth on top. You don't want the absinth to mix with the ferment because you will light the absinth and put a napkin on top of the glass to extinguish the flames. If you want to drink this a s shot then use a straw to pierce the napkin and drink the context as fast as you can, after which remove the napkin and inhale the vapors from the burnt absinth. If you want to make this a long drink do the same with the napkin, but don't pierce it. After the fire is out first inhale the vapors then drink the beverage at your own rate. One must be very careful though as to not fail the dosage of nightshade.

If prepared correctly, you should see flaming grasans running around you - therefore the name. Enjoy!

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Grasan Tomato Soup

First, and for every good soup, sneak into the Demon's inventory and lend the Cauldron.
Pour some water and boil the Grasan's toes, take care not to overcook them otherwise the nail will drop and ruin a good soup.
Add 10 tomatoes and one omnion.
And serve!

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Sand Melter
Heat jar
Stirring stick (can use a cleaned branch for this)
Knife (though any cutting implement should do)

Pure Water
3x Glass Jars

[u]Creatures to extract flavor from:[/u]
Toxicotendrite seeds
Angien Egg


-- Prepare mold --
[*]Take lumber piece and carve round niches into it with the knife. This will hold the candy.
[*]Carve out round wooden balls that can fit into the niches you previously carved.
[*]Smooth out the niches, or if creative, engrave words of images into them so they will transfer into the finished product.
[*]Pour sand into the niches, ensuring the walls are covered with sand.
[*]Put ball into niche to displace sand so that there is a layer of sand between the niche and the ball.
[*]Heat up sand blaster
[*]Place lumber into heat blaster (close the door as the lumber will catch on fire!)
[*]Wait until lumber fully burns out.
[*]Open door and dig through ashes for the round cups of glass newly created!

You now have molds!

-- Prepare Falvoring --

1. Squeeze toxicotendrite seeds catching the juice into the glass jar. You now have toxicotendrite flavoring. Yum!
2. Break angien egg, and catch contents into second jar. You now have angien flavoring. The flavor of heavens. Simply delicious.
3. The Joker Flavor requires more work:[list]
[*]Light branches on fire and put pot on the fire. Add heat to pot.
[*]Bash Joker over the head until unmoving.
[*]Remove eyes, liver, toes and the back fat and put them into the boiling tea pot.
[*]Stir for 20 minutes until broth fully develops the joker flavor.
[*]Strain liquid mixture into glass ensuring that no hard parts end up in the jar (You may snack on the remains from the teapon if you get hungry).
[i]Note: Ensure heat exists for both the preparation of flavors and the mix[/i]

Flavors are now complete!

-- Prepare Mix --
[*]Mix 3 cups of sugar for each cup of water inside pot.
[*]Add choice of flavoring.
[*]Stir continuously until mixture aquires a syrupy consistency
[*]Pour thin mixture into mold (do not fill the mold on the first try. You will repeat this 3 times and you will fill it the 3rd time).
[*]Cool mold for 30 minutes (prefferably in a cool place - such as the grassan's cave, or in the Underground where is cool)
[*]Repeat step 1 this time adding a different flavor. Once the mold is filled and cooled for the 3rd time time, you will have halves of jawbreakers.
[*]Place two halves on top of eachother to form a ball and put it briefly in the sand melter.
[*]After 10 seconds take it out. They will be melted together.
[*]Remove glass from jawbreaker which will leave behind only the candy!

Enjoy this tasty delight!!

Edited by Esmaralda
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