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[Lands of the East] Seigheart

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A new face...

[spoiler][02/11/11 01:42] [b]Arion Ibruson:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]cracks his knuckles[/i]*[/color] I should go slap him around for that
[02/11/11 01:43] [b]Windy:[/b]Really, Arion. You sound like a bruiser!
[02/11/11 01:43] [b]Windy:[/b]Your angelic looks are a farce!
[02/11/11 01:44] [b]Arion Ibruson:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]rubs the back of his neck[/i]*[/color] I don't like it women aren't treated right.
[02/11/11 01:44] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Seigheart grabs his Flamberge, puts on his Gauntlet, and heads towards Arion[/i][/color]
[02/11/11 01:44] [b]Windy:[/b]That is very gallant of you sweety. [color="#305681"]*[i]leans over and kisses his cheek[/i]*[/color]
[02/11/11 01:44] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Seigheart heaves the sword over his head and brings it crashing down upon Arion![/i][/color]
[02/11/11 01:44] [b]Seigheart:[/b]DIIIIE!!!
[02/11/11 01:44] [b]Windy:[/b]Oi!
[02/11/11 01:45] [b]Windy:[/b]brb...on other page
[02/11/11 01:45] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Arion Ibruson puts his arms up in time to keep his head from taking the full blow[/i][/color]
[02/11/11 01:46] [b]Arion Ibruson:[/b]What the...
[02/11/11 01:47] [b]Seigheart:[/b]Tell me something Arion.
[02/11/11 01:47] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Seigheart pants[/i][/color]
[02/11/11 01:48] [b]Arion Ibruson:[/b]Tell YOU something? After that stunt you just pulled?
[02/11/11 01:48] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Seigheart lifts his Flamberge once more[/i][/color]
[02/11/11 01:48] [b]Seigheart:[/b]Yes...
[02/11/11 01:48] [b]Seigheart:[/b]You shall...
[02/11/11 01:49] [b]Arion Ibruson:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]looks at his bleeding arms[/i]*[/color] What's wrong with you?
[02/11/11 01:49] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Seigheart steps forwards and performs a quick roundabout thrust towards Arion[/i][/color]
[02/11/11 01:50] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Arion Ibruson ducks the blade missing his head but catching the top of one of his wings[/i][/color]
[02/11/11 01:51] [b]Arion Ibruson:[/b]You kill me and you won't learn anything [color="#305681"]*[i]rolls to the right attempting to put distance between them[/i]*[/color]
[02/11/11 01:51] [b]Windy:[/b]SHOUTS: Oi! no fighting in my pub!!
[02/11/11 01:52] [b]Windy:[/b]SHOUTS: You do not want to piss me off!!
[02/11/11 01:52] [b]Arion Ibruson:[/b]He's the nut with the blade!
[02/11/11 01:52] [b]Seigheart:[/b]Back off Windy.
[02/11/11 01:52] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Seigheart rushes towards Arion and swings wildly Arion![/i][/color]
[02/11/11 01:52] [b]Windy:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]chokes[/i]*[/color] Back off?
[02/11/11 01:52] [b]Seigheart:[/b]at*
[02/11/11 01:53] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Windy pulls a dagger out of somewhere on her person and throws it with deadly accuracy at Seigheart[/i][/color]
[02/11/11 01:53] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Arion Ibruson grabs a chair and holds it between Seig and himself[/i][/color]
[02/11/11 01:57] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Seigheart allows the dagger to strike him[/i][/color]
[02/11/11 01:57] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Seigheart turns towards Windy...[/i][/color]
[02/11/11 01:57] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Seigheart reaches behind him and grabs his net[/i][/color]
[02/11/11 01:58] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Seigheart winds up and throws it at Arion![/i][/color]
[02/11/11 01:58] [b]Seigheart:[/b]I'll deal with you in just a moment...
[02/11/11 01:58] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Seigheart heads towards Windy once more, pulling out the dagger on the way, blood dripping on the floor[/i][/color]
[02/11/11 01:59] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Arion Ibruson throws the chair into the net as it comes at him then grabs another chair quickly running toward Seig, swinging the chair in an attempt to smash it on Seig[/i][/color]
[02/11/11 02:00] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Seigheart grabs at Windy with his Cursed Gauntlet with a vice like grip. The Gauntlet starts to drain her energy...[/i][/color]
[02/11/11 02:05] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Seigheart lets the gauntlet to continue draining Windy's lifeforce[/i][/color]
[02/11/11 02:06] [b]Arion Ibruson:[/b] ([color="#888888"][i]you do realize she's not here[/i][/color])
[02/11/11 02:06] [b]Seigheart:[/b] ([color="#888888"][i]Yeah, just realized...[/i][/color])
[02/11/11 02:06] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Arion Ibruson swings the chair at Seigheart's back[/i][/color]
[02/11/11 02:07] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Seigheart stumples forward as the chair crashes into his back[/i][/color]
[02/11/11 02:07] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Seigheart stands up, turns back towards Arion... and gives a wicked smile[/i][/color]
[02/11/11 02:08] [b]Seigheart:[/b]My turn!
[02/11/11 02:08] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Seigheart takes hold of his Elemental Amulet, and releases the Force of Fire at Arion[/i][/color]
[02/11/11 02:09] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Seigheart watches with amusement as a Fire Tornado rushes towards Arion[/i][/color]
[02/11/11 02:10] [b]Arion Ibruson:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]dives behind the table[/i]*[/color] I may be part phoenix, but there's no point pushing it
[02/11/11 02:11] [b]Seigheart:[/b]Pheonix, Demon, Angel, what ever you are doesn't matter.
[02/11/11 02:11] [b]Seigheart:[/b]Not against Pure Elemental Essence.
[02/11/11 02:11] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Seigheart wills the Tornado to tear through the table, leaving charred remains behind[/i][/color]
[02/11/11 02:11] [b]Arion Ibruson:[/b]Why are you attacking me unprovoked?
[02/11/11 02:12] [b]:[/b][color="#1D6D94"][i]Soothing Sands passed Heat storing Jar 18K to stavaroiu [/i][/color]
[02/11/11 02:12] [b]stavaroiu:[/b]rhx
[02/11/11 02:12] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Seigheart coughs[/i][/color]
[02/11/11 02:12] [b]stavaroiu:[/b]thx
[02/11/11 02:12] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Soothing Sands throws a heat jar at Seigheat before running away[/i][/color]
[02/11/11 02:13] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Seigheart catches the Jar and puts some heat in it before returning to the battle at hand[/i][/color]
[02/11/11 02:13] [b]Seigheart:[/b]Reason?
[02/11/11 02:13] [b]Seigheart:[/b]Why must I have a reason?!
[02/11/11 02:13] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Seigheart grins wickedly[/i][/color]
[02/11/11 02:13] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Arion Ibruson runs past Seigheart[/i][/color]
[02/11/11 02:13] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Seigheart reaches out and trys grabbing at Arion with his Gauntlet[/i][/color]
[02/11/11 02:14] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Arion Ibruson ducks and somersaults away[/i][/color]
[02/11/11 02:14] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Seigheart fails to catch Arion.[/i][/color]
[02/11/11 02:15] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Seigheart slams his armoured fist into the wall of the Pub.[/i][/color]
[02/11/11 02:15] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Seigheart curses violently while breaking through the wall, and leaving the Sanctuary[/i][/color]
[02/11/11 02:15] [b]Arion Ibruson:[/b]Windy is gonna kill you [/spoiler]

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You seem to have a sense of what role play is, but I do see that you did force actions onto Arion. That is referred to as god modding. I can't say much about your character, as I wasn't present during the time that you did this role play...but I do think that there is much room for improvement.

Try to give the other player more room to respond to your threats if you're going to go about with the RP fighting. Instead of saying '"wills [insert random sparkly action here]" Say.. "Slings [insert random sparkly action here] toward Arion." This gives the other player room to decide for himself if he wants his character damaged, or if he wants to dodge.

Personally I find it interesting when a character accepts damage in this sort of situation.

Also, I don't believe that Seigheart has the ability to sling tornadoes at people.. at least that isn't in the structure of the game itself. There is wind ward, but to my knowledge very few people, if anyone besides Mur himself have figured out how to use it.

You should clearly define who your character is and what his role might be in your papers, as well. The last I looked I saw a poem that didn't describe much. Think about your character in detail.. What does he look like? How does he act? What is his mental state? What is the state of his well being? These things to me are important in developing a character story.

You also have to take into account the MD setting to a degree... I don't see that you have done that much here. You did use a heat storing jar, but you didn't actually pass it via item transfer to Arion, did you?

The main points about roleplay is that you should take into account what your character physically can and cannot do by game standards. If you have spells or memory stones to back up your character's actions to a degree.. it makes the roleplay seem a little more real, and increases the interest of the actions occurring just a bit.

Just some thoughts.. and I apologize if my thoughts happen to offend anyone reading this thread.

Edited by Amoran Kalamanira Kol
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I appreciate your input Amoran, but if you noticed, most of the actions (some may have been neglected out of forgetfulness) were given the chance to be modified, changed or what ever by the other party.

My items Cursed Gauntlet, Cursed Diadem, Elemental Amulet, Fishing Net, Flamberge all have a certain purpose in mind.

The Elemental amulet contains the essence of each element. With the combination of Wind, and Fire, it produces a Fire Tornado. I think that is fitting, no?

Cursed Gauntlet expressed its purpose today. Diadem has yet to be shown what it does.

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Cool story bro, I liked the part with the Gauntlet, there really should be "cursed" things in MD, more consequences the better. Hope all your planing for the items works out for you. Its good to see original ideas cropping up along with some RP being alive.

Just for the sake of my curiosity what would you have a fire tornado do to a character in a mechanical sense, as if it was an actual spell?

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If it were a "real" spell, I would have it use a multiple turn effect.


It gets cast upon you.

First Turn Direct VE Damage.(From the impact)
Second Residual effect damage (from the burns)
Third Residual effect damage (from the burns again)

Spell ends

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