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maybe a bug...


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Yesterday, me and other player tried to brew tea...first attempt failed...and my resources involved in proces (Aromatic herbs and tea leaves) get lost...the problem is that all my Aromatic herbs and tea leaves (from my inventory) have a message [in use]...so i can't use them again...i know that the failed attempt to brew tea make me lose the resouces involved in process...but not all my resources...later we've manage to brew tea, but i have loan resources from other player, since mine was blocked...we use the same teapot as before...
...it is a bug?

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resources that are marked in use can be released only during the brewing, while the cauldron is open. If you close the cauldron by mistake and they remain in use its very possible they will remain so forever. Idk if i add a fix for this yet or not, cant remember, but i know about the problem. The fix was supposed to be a periodic thing to clean in use items on a certain date, preferably when the items return to the item dispatcher. Sadly i am extreamely busy right now with other things so i won't be able to check this, so keep bugging me about it in a week, if its still the case. Once i start fixing this i will probably address other item related issues. Keep the [in use] items as they will return to normal when this is fixed, they are not lost.

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[b]7[in use]Tea leaves[/b]

[font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]5[in use] Aromatic herbs[/b][/font]
[font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][b]...the resources involved in tea brewing process are blocked...this is what i have lost from this...[/b][/font]

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