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Public request to LR

Muratus del Mur

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I am requesting all LR citizens to report with the following information. Best if this info is centralized and handed to me by Firs directly.

The number of WP CODES (not wishpoints) they got so far for quests they organized ,or for other reasons, in this format:

[color=#0000ff]playername the wp was sent to; quest name or reward reason it was sent for; aproximate period when it happend[/color]

I am requesting to [b]King Firsanthalas[/b] a list of WP codes he gave out and a list of wishpoints he grantes in this format

[color=#0000ff]wp. or wp code; playername; reason in short; aproximate period; citizen of lr or not; on request / sponsorship/award[/color]

the last info means :
[b]on request[/b] = the wp was requested by the organizer or by someone else that asked the king to sponsor the event or reward
[b]sponsorship[/b] = the king offered to sponsor the event/quest/etc but did not decide who the winner is (organizer did that)
[b]award [/b]= the king decided who gets the wp and granted it directly not through someone else

I don't want to acquire this info from logs because it contains parts that are not tracked (and shouldnt). I need it asap and if you let out or miss to mention players or events i will consider they were not that important to be named (such a thing doesn't exist but how else then).

Try to name as many as possible as this is a direct indicator of Loreroots activity so far when it comes to rewards and WP distribution. Its not just the number that matter but the reasons. To few means low activity , too many for weak reasons means bad activity.

This should include any wp request sent to the LR leadership and denied. Players that made these requests pls remind Firs about it so he can include it on the list. The king doesnt have to note rejected requests so better you make sure yours will be on this list too.

Thank you

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Ann. 1687 - [2010-12-01 12:47:15 - Stage 10]
Wish Point codes have been reset. Kings are asked to send an e-mail to [contact email] to receive new codes.

That'd be on the safe side, since it's the last announcement concerning WP-codes that was made. At least i wouldn't know a better definition for the last period.

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