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How kings should have distributed rewards

Muratus del Mur

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  • Root Admin

It is one thing to wait for people to ask you for things to reward, and totally different thing to go out and give wp codes as sponsorships for creative quests you , as a king, see.

New players or shy players, will never go and ask anyone to sponsor them.
I tried to give you an example through the things i rewarded and the way i rewarded them.
I even allowed Treasure Keepers to go wilder than they should have to sponsor quests more and more.

Not to mention, as king/queen, it would have been so fun to spread rewards like santa to your citizens.

I don't say none did so, i say if you did it you did it few times and on very rare occasions, not by far enough to motivate people to come with creative activities to get sponsored.


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I believe that was actually discussed many times, however the guidelines you gave them mean't they had the impression that they where not supposed to.

Discussion I started back when this all got started [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/7608-discussion-on-wishpoints/"]here[/url]
The rules you gave the kings was posted [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/6673-about-wps-and-the-codes/page__st__8"]here[/url] by yrthilian
Any you also replied [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/6673-about-wps-and-the-codes/page__st__10"]here[/url] re-inforcing the rules again.

I'm sorry, but I think you are being unfair since the public opinion you helped to create is that they where definitely not supposed to do that.
The problem you have here is that new and shy players are generally not going to apply for citizenship.

[sup][sub]This discussion goes completely out the window once the players are actually citizens, though >.>[/sub][/sup]

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  • Root Admin

please correct me if i am wrong (and if i am then its totally my mistake indeed)...have i ever said the kings shouldnt go out and sponsor things on their own? Because thats what i claim they should have done here. The topic you refer to actually reinforces that and the only "limit" i impsoed on kings was that they should sponsor players from their own lands, so that different kings have a role and not one will sponsor all because he is more active than the other kings.

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Again this was discussed with you and agreed we could have a treasury account to be created by you. Again another thing you didn't do.

You also agreed to help us reward things other than wp's again nothing. Personally I gave away a drac or 2 from my own collection I also gave batches of wp's to citizens to use in quests.

I would have also given items but felt that may be an abuse of that ability and not just for golemus but for all.

I won't speak for the others but for me I got ignored when I made suggestions of in game ways to give rewards and how I would supply some of the different rewards but again no answere and yes I tried more than once

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  • Root Admin

again you talk about new things and not about how to use existing things...

not to mention that you probably got more 'implemented' than anyone else, considering the clues thing was something we discussed and i actually did.

I myself use EXISTING THINGS when sponsoring..but anyway, that should be a good lesson for me not to talk with anyone about what things should or would come as a feature. USE_WHAT_IS

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In my view, the tools given to the kings were now, in general, made easily available for the benefit of the lands. With some imagination and initiative, things like WP codes could have been incorporated into sponsoring quests made by citizens and used as a 'rallying call' to spark interest.

Instead, at least in my experience and seeing that of some other quest makers, the onus was on quest makers to ask/beg for sponsorship, instead of announcements by kings saying "hey, I have these WP codes available if you can make a decent quest."

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I don't speak of new things at all I speak of thinks already in md. gift box's, creatures coins so no I don't speak of new things.

You say we wait on new thinks to be added. We wait on old things agreed if kings made the accounts them selfs it would have been a lot worse

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How often did you sit around asking Mur for things when you could've been out asking your citizens if they wanted to make quests? You also could have rewarded quest makers for making quests (in an objective way) by saying "If you make x quests, I'll reward you with a WP".

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