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The Feast of the Cycle


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This announcement is being posted to the General Forum because, although it is a largely CoE-sponsored series of events, it concerns itself with all lands.

[i]The axis has shifted.[/i]
[i]The world is out of balance.[/i]
[i]Look to the skies.[/i]
[i]Find your redemption or your damnation.[/i]
[i]The cycle turns.[/i]

The Feast of the Cycle is a series of ceremonies, discussions, and meditations in reflection of recent events in MagicDuel. While from one perspective the Children of the Eclipse are delusional and/or insane - literally "lunar-tics" - we also strive to increase awareness of, and engagement with, the symbolic "realities" of MagicDuel. The Moon is an appropriate symbol for the cyclical interaction of light, darkness, and balance. Have you seen it? It is there, if you know where to look...

[b][u]Remarks on the Season of Change[/u][/b]
Much change has swept the realm in the recent past. Join the Hierophant as he reflects on this uncertain time.

Officiant: Marvolo, Son of Storms, Hierophant of the CoE
Location: Fields of Abandonment
Time: Day 322, 23:00 Server Time.

[b][u]Commemoration of the Age of Monarchs[/u][/b]
All four of the monarchs of MagicDuel have left empty thrones - to a degree, the realm is in chaos. The Priesthood of the CoE will offer a service to honor the service of our kings and queens over the past months.

Officiants: AmoranKKol and Phantom Orchid
Location: Meeting of the Roads*
Time: TBA

[b][u]Passing of the Sibyl[/u][/b]
Mystic, Sibyl Emerita of the CoE, will formally mark the transfer of her office to Amoran.

Officiants: AmoranKKol and Mystic
Location: Maple Road*
Time: TBA

*This location may change. We will post announcements to the Mood Panel.

I will update this thread with times and possibly announcements of additional events as plans solidify (and we co-ordinate people separated by widely differing time zones). I may announce a pick-up dueling tournament with a modest reward if there is enough interest.

Amoran will be announcing a quest at one of the upcoming ceremonies.


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This ceremony was an attempt to honor those who came before, those remaining, and those that shall come. It was also intended to create space for a collective exploration of the principles of cyclicity, and a space for sharing. Usually there is a base of respect shown (or at least assumed) during collective occasions, but in this case there was not and the lack of it disallowed inclusiveness and there was a truly effective (albeit temporary) silencing.

But we will not be silenced, for gross imbalance only begs to be tipped back into its proper place. It never will learn to bend, so it will not carry very far before it shall break under its own weight.

And this is only the beginning of a hopefully larger conversation - a spark, if you will. A spark of hope, of mystery, of understanding.

For those who wish to continue this dialogue, the Eclipse is available to assist.

Edited by Phantom Orchid
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[font=comic sans ms,cursive][size=4]The winds blow throughout Time - beginning, middle, end. Memories born, living, dying and born anew by those who remember against forgetting. They are fluid. For them to become solid requires a purity of identity. They are a muscle, soft tissue capable of becoming dense by contraction and relaxation. The intensity of experience, its charge, its emotional frequency plays too into its solidity of presence. On becoming solid they acquire the ability to dance - as the wind - throughout Time.[/size][/font][/size][/font]
[font=comic sans ms,cursive][size=4]But most memories are ever changing, their fluidity spilling out and over and at times becoming lost in static. And this is an advantage, for who wants to (even if they were able) to remember irrelevant details? It would too easily make one overwhelmed without a cycle of beginning meets middle meets end meets beginning. [/size][/font][/size][/font]
[font=comic sans ms,cursive][size=4]If I am not making sense, think of the memories of 'forgotten' players resurrected and kept alive by story telling. Without memory, we are nothing. Without story, we are nothing too.[/size][/font][/size][/font]
[font=comic sans ms,cursive][size=4]Let us keep this in mind that a new Spring comes. The breathe returns flame to smolder and gives light to darkness, returns shadows home.[/size][/font][/size][/font]
[font=comic sans ms,cursive][size=4]Let the memory of the resigned kings/queen always shine as a memory of l[/size][/font][size=4]ight.[/size][/size][/font]
[size=4]Let us all be the memory against forgetting.[/size]

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