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Although I haven't been playing long, I feel that I understand many of the themes and elements that this game involves. I would help to program or develope it, but I'm very bad with that kind of stuff. However, if you need any help writing descriptions, or parts of the story, I would be more than happy. Let me know if there's anything I can do for you guys. If you want to see some samples of my work, just ask, and I'll provide a link.



(edit-- I don't do poems! ;) )

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i have writing experience.. and I do DO poems. I have some skills as story writing and artwork.. I can help edit or assist in writing in any capacity.. I do have work, a kid and real life.. but could set some time to do any small projects given as I want to keep my skills sharp (good motivation not to lose skills i have but don't use anymore).

thanks! let me know.

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Hello, I figured it wouldn't really hurt to post here and say that I'd like to assist in writing if possible. Id be more then happy to write descriptions for various creatures or equipment items. In case you want some information of what I write I generally do short stories all fiction, from comedy to horror to just odd snapshots of the strange worlds within my mind. Yeah...I should be medicated, I know, I know. Anyway, If you require or simply wish for a sample, please send me a personal message or an email, and if possible a prompt to respond to. Of course I can just throw abit of randomness back if thats what you wish for. Remember just drop me a message for a sample, Id be more then happy to write for anyone for anything!

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I'd like to offer my services for Writing.

I've got a history of Scriptwriting, and i've always had positive feedback whenever i've written stories or poems.

Although my background is in comedy and scripts, I can quite easily turn my hand to any genre and I can write narratives just as easily as scripts.

Just let me know what you need writing



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If ever there's a need, I would also like to aid the game through writing. In the past, I've typically written concept lyrics or poems, but I've always enjoyed fantasy fiction writing. I've got a story going on the message boards here that may give you an idea of what my writing style is.

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