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Reminder to Private forum Leaders


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over the past month multiple forum leaders have come to me and asked me add people to the various forums. This is perfectly fine and part of my job.

However, More specifically in the last month, people have been asking me to add people who already have access, claiming that they dont, cant view it, ect ect ect.

The first time this happened i spent time working with the settings to try and find out why said user couldn't view the forum. What specific combination of forum settings was hiding it from him and other technical checks that i did.

After spending a considerable amount of time dealing with this, Talking with the user and such. I asked if the direct link to the forum worked. It did. And when asked "can you see the forum here" providing a link, yes, yes they could.

The whole problem? The forum leader had not told them where it was and/or what it was called.

Now i didnt really mind the occurrence, It was a mistake and i was sure that said forum person wont make it again, But now its happened more times i just need to post this so everyone knows.

[b]If you have a problem with one of your private forums, You need to talk to your forum leader first. Since all changes performed on those forums must be confirmed by them i will not be able to do anything. If they cannot help you, they will talk to me about it, and then i will most likely come and find you to help fix said problem.[/b]

[b]To Forum Leaders: If someone cannot access the forum, try giving them the link to it, When getting someone added, tell them where the forum is so they can find it. Then if they still cant access using the link, talk to me.[/b]

I dont mind if when adding a number of people i have forgotten to add someone, accidents happen so dont feel afraid to say "oh i dont think X has access, can you check" but i dont like it when i find out that its actually your fault because you havent told them where the forum is.

thank you

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