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Grasan Ferment from Constipated Grasan


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Grasan Ferments have a little mixing problem.

When you leave the constipated grasan with one completed fermentation, it'll consume another wiiya and produce another ferment.
When you take the ferment, it'll make '2 Grasan Ferment' appear in your inventory, which are different from 'Grasan Ferment (2)'.

Then the solitary ferments you have disappear from your inventory and only the 2 Grasan Ferments stay visible. I was able to pass the single ferment to Chewett and get it passed back without it mixing with the 2 ferments, when i gave the solitary ferment to Shem, it mixed properly with his solitary ferment, but when he returned it, it still didn't mix with mine.

I assume that the '2 Grasan ferment' is one useable item, in difference to the 'Grasan ferment (2)', which are in fact two useable items.

I'm uncertain if this could cause other issues with trading, resources seem to stack up properly, but the object grasan ferment behaving that way might cause troubles in the long run. For example, 10 grasan ferments which are actually only one. The difference between ' 10 Grasan ferment' and 'Grasan ferment (10)' is not that obvious to everybody.

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Followup bug:
You successfully made them mix into Grasan Ferment (2), but when i give away my single ferment i still appear to have 2 Grasan Ferment. They also still show as different items in my detailed inventory, i can pick if i want to give away the single or the double flask.

Also, 1+2 should be 3, not two, the Grasan consumed wiiya to make another flask after all :))

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