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Many changes have occured to the way the Treasure Keepers will behave through out MD in the last month or so.

One of the major changes came due to the resignation/dereliction of duty by the previous Royalty.

The TKs will be sponsoring worthy quests with a large variety of rewards. Ranging from Silver/Gold, to WPs, and Rare/Very Rare Creatures.

In order to receive a sponsorship, a few things must be kept in mind:

1. Do NOT ask or tell me to sponsor you.
- This seems to be a tricky one for people to understand, so I will explain. The difference between pointing out a quest, and telling me to sponsor it is like asking for help to move furniture, but telling me to do it.
2. Emailing [email="treasury@magicduel.com"]treasury@magicduel.com[/email] is the best way to contact the TKs
- I can't always check my PMs, or Forum PMs. This is the best, and ONLY way I will acknowledge TK related matters, besides IG Chat. All personal email addresses will be kept confidential.

When emailing the TKs, please include your Player Name/ID. This will speed up matters greatly. If there was a problem with your reward, include what ever information you can. (If the WP code didn't work, email the WP Code. etc)

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Hey guys,

Due to a few factors (problems at work, school, and exams) I haven't been nearly as active as I should have been.

So, to spur things up again, and to get these quests rolling out,

If you make a quest, no matter how small, I will reward you with varying gifts. Anything from a simple resource, to credits, to rare creatures.

The more people who participate in your quest, the bigger the reward!


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