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[center][center]Please Vote for the best and most creative Xmas Motive Story:


The land was covered in snow
The people of magicduel were getting ready to celebrate the holidays
There was one who doesn't like to celebrate, though
His name was Yon
He was very quiet and most of the time was by himself
takes a deep breath
A few days before the celebration, Yon took control of an alliance
It was very sudden, and everyone was suprised
Yon did not know, however, that there was a curse on this alliance
If there was ever only one person in it, it would be split
The seal would be broken
Suddenly, He broken into 6 different pieces that flew across the land.
The next day, the pieces had turned into reindrachs, and everyone was happy
The reindrachs were kind of quiet, but that was ok
They did their job well
*bows* Thank you

It was morning at Murmas day,
Shadowseeker tired of getting so much
wishpoints decided to milk Mur's cows..
As we all know they must be well milked
before they are attached to the sleigh.
Shadowseeker was whistling a fine
christmas carol, as Z enters the place
in a hurry and shouts:
Take your hands from Radolphine!! Take them Off Now!!
Surprised Shadowseeker tries to explain
what he were doing..but he got no time,
Z in anger does his famous "Goat Kick"
and there Shadowseeker goes over the air.
Shadowseeker was flying and people
all through the realm stare at he sky and say:
Is it a plane? Is it Mur Santa?!
Ohhh nooo.. is just Shadowseeker.
..In the meantime he could not stop thinking:
If only i had a parachute....
or Sasha's bra... i would be safe!
Shadowseeker was lucky and landed on the tree and all ended well!
The End.

There was once a man
A man who spends Christmas by himself.
He was a lonly man. No friends, no family, no one to care for.
Yet on the happiest day of the year, he remains his lonly self.
Sitting alone on his chair, he quietly lits a candle.
As he sighs the only thing on his mind is something he longs for. Happiness.
Happiness is what? He thinks. Is it wealth? Is it power? Is it food?
The lonly man thinks. For there is nothing else to do. There is truely no purpose.
But. As the cricket sings, he is suddenly reminded.
Reminded of his youth and reminded of people.
For there is more to life than power, wealth and food.
There is more to the world than possessions.
There is also love.
Love given freely. From our families and friends.
Who are there for us when it is dark.
When it is sad
When it is grey.
So in his grey grey room. He stands up.
He lits a fire.
To the fireplace
He takes a stick
To lit it bright,
And in his eyes, it is the brightest thing.
And he sets it on the ground. And leaves his grey grey room.
The end.

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[center][center]NOTE: She participated, but she abtains from rewards.

sits on the ground and watches the snow fall
The snow lay crisp upon the broken gazebo,
A group, eager to see what the murmas elves had brought,
Danced around the gazevo, clapping with excitement...
In unison, they opened the first gift, tearing the paper in glee
looking down upon the contents, they saw... nothing.
The second was opened, the third and so on...
all revealing the same contents.
They grabbed at any gift now, in pure desperation..
why had Mur foresaken them so?
A newcomer to the land happened by and asked..
"Why are your faces twisted in anger?"
"We have nothing" came one reply
The newcomer looked around the group, each face in turn
"Then you have everything" He said, and walked away
The group looked at each other in bewilderment
"What is that supposed to mean?" came one confused voice
As they sat and pondered the stranger's words,
they sat and made a fuure to warm themselves
speaking of what they have, and the significance of nothing.
As the day drew on, bewilderment became debate,
Each hanging from the others' words.
The debate became lighter as laughter reasounded
As they grew tired and slept, the empty boxes were forgotten,
and each of them knew their true gifts.
smiles slightly and nods

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[center][center]Open until December 26, any part of the day.[/center][/center]

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Sasha's Bra legend born on this Xmas Carols, grown on Xmas Letters and Ends NOW!

Even because my wife did find out that i've been writting about a bra for 3 days.. i'm soooo dooomed :-)

I would also like to say that was NOT my intention at any mean no disrespect or offend any the characters or persons i've put into the stories.
My sincere apologies if i did.


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