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New functionality in the ritual-creating interface.

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I was looking at the interface for creation of rituals and could it be improved.

The idea comes from the fact, that we can heal creatures in the Battle log interface. Is it possible to implement similar thing when creating a ritual. Right now only creatures with some vitality are shown. Those, that are at zero can be healed only when the creatures page is accessed.

If we can see all the creatures no matter of vitality, and have the ability to heal them through the process of forming a ritual, be it creating or charging stage, this would spare some time and make the battle system more friendly. This way some unwanted effects when attacking could be avoided.

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[quote name='Rhaegar Targaryen' timestamp='1325242211' post='99106']
Also, mark rituals so I can delete several at once, rather then one - refresh - one - refresh - one... etc.

You can delete more then one ritual a time,
Just click several different rituals a time, before it refreshes itself.

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Just seeing this now, and will add my LOVE of this if it were implimented.
Often, I want to setup a cheap ritual with soem "fresh" creatures, that wind up being dead for some reason or another ;) and thus invisible to use on a throwaway defense.
So, this would save a lot of effort in swapping to the creature page, healing, then going back to find a target to set a defense up for.

Seconded! :)

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