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Random rit doesn't work


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Your (Ensetym) ritual was forgotten
It contained creatures summoned forth from an illusion. You may retry the battle at any time.

This is the message I get when I use a random ritual in either defense or attack. If i set a rit (with enough VE that it doesn't go random), it works fine in both att and def. Not sure what's wrong.

I recently bought a bestiary and sacrificed a creature to it. The problem, as i remember, started after that. I tried disabling the bestiary, but the problem persists. I also immortalized a second creature, but it still happens.

Any help would b appreciated.

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using random ritual option uses one random of rituals ya have in your list, so if ya still have ritual that involved that immortalized creature then that would be the issue, unbind that ritual and try again, and use random rit option creats random ritual.... only if there isnt already one to pick from your list

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