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Elucu Bration Auction #1


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Welcome to a (belated) Elucu Bration creature auction!

Here you will have a chance to bid for a rare Elucu Bration creature (coloured). All proceeds will be given to the TK's for future use in sponsorships and events.

Please read the following rules; failure to comply may lead to disqualification from the auction process.

  1. If you won an Elu creature in the previous halloween contests, you are not permitted to place a bid.
  2. If you own 2 or more Elu creatures (of any kind) you are not permitted to place a bid.
  3. There is no minimum starting bid however, bids must rise in minimum increments of 5sc.
  4. You are not permitted to bid on behalf of someone that fails points 1 and/or 2. If you buy it, it is expected to remain yours for a minimum of 2 months. (Contracts will be filled)
  5. Winners of a previous Elu auction may not bid again. If two bids win on separate Auctions, player will have a choice of which they choose, the remaining will be sold to the next best bid.
  6. All Elu's come with Historical Documents (document items).
  7. Bidding will last for 7 days and 24 hours after previous bid thereafter.
  8. Rules may be subject to change, so please check back often.
  9. Coins only!!

Have fun and happy bidding!


Current auction end date:

04-01-17, 20:00ST

Edited by Aethon
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14 minutes ago, Miq said:

Since they exist as valuables in the same category.

4 brilliants.


Unfortunately there is no way to currently compare the Brilliant to Gold ratio, so I can't accept that bid (unless you can provide a way to measure their worth in comparison to gold)

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