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New players in this game start out with nothing. No items, no spells, no creatures, no land, nothing. I was wondering how many of you out there would intentionally live like that. Give up everything (or most things) you have in order to discover yourself.
If enough people want to, we could make a group or something similar. No stress, no needs, no commitment- but also infinity. If you want a trial period, I am willing to hold on to what you have for as long as needed. There might be varying levels, so you don't have to go straight to zero on the first day. What do you think?

(I rarely use the forums. Contact me IG for faster responses)

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[quote name='Ensetym' timestamp='1327093546' post='101488']
I am willing to hold on to what you have for as long as needed. There might be varying levels, so you don't have to go straight to zero on the first day.

So, essentially you want people to give everything they have... to you? :))

i dont think this even needs a coment

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I was intrigued. We can never hand over our age, or memories, or reputations. Perhaps austerity is jsut what someone might need to reboot their interest in MD, after all.
I personally wouldn't accept it, but my alt might. And I think the idea overall is valid.

Or, to quote a wise Dowser: +1 Like!

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Haha i don't think anyone would give you their stuff... But I would also be interested. There is something to be learned from not having or wanting anything, whatever that may be. I could really see this helping people decide what alliance to join, and to make a wise choice. Older players with roles may not want to participate, though.

As Maebius said, I like the idea :)

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We can give away items, spells, creatures even drop our citizenship. But, like Maebius said, us who have achieved something or become someone we still are who we are even without all the above.

I am not sure about the idea but if I were to do it, I would hand all that I have to someone I know and trust only.

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When I read this earlier in the evening, I dismissed it out of hand. As I've thought about it though, the idea, or something similar to it, has grown on me.

I think it would be interesting to have a period of time that acts as a Masquerade.
Everyone could be put into an illusion that, say, changes their name, hides their papers and inventory, removes their creatures, and otherwise "resets" their profile. No one would know who each other are after the reset takes place. Then, for that period of time, the game could be played as if everyone had started at the same time.
When the illusion ends, everyone would return exactly to normal (as has been demonstrated recently) and the Masquerade would be over.
Of course, there would probably be a few spoilsports who immediately tell everyone who they are, but, overall, I think that could be fun. Or at least interesting. ^_^

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As someone who HAS given up creatures, movement, alliances, and limited items and spells for upwards of a year and a half, it's a bit difficult to remain itemless. People just give them to you.

And as for the free feeling... you might not feel it at first. In fact you'll probably feel bored. And you might never feel it.

If anybody would LIKE to participate in this, you're more than welcome to join me up north. I'm around sometimes, too, and we can talk if that interests you. If you want to give up movement and sit still with me, that's welcome too.


And as an added note, if you feel that Ensetym is doing this to confiscate your items, I'll take them. I'm not going anywhere, and we all know that I care very very very little for any material things. I'll certainly not steal them.

But I won't take your creatures.

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I'll never feel comfortable just giving all of my creatures and items to somebody, no matter who they are, and aside from that, my creatures would lose their max level and age even if returned to me, and there's always the problem of creature slots. Also, something that can never be truly reset is your reputation and to a certain extent your personality, as demonstrated by Seigheart here. Stats would be a problem as well, since to actually reset those would take lots of time for most people. Best way to really do this is making an alt: no risks/damages to your personal achievements and collections, and you get to experience the true beginning again. Though, I think Brulant's idea would be kind of fun. Perhaps it could be made into a new large-scale competition.

[quote name='Seigheart' timestamp='1327123931' post='101565']
It's interesting. I had done something similiar to this for the Festival of Pain last year.

Anyone who would give up all their creatures (sacrificed them) would be rewarded. I can't remember if anyone else did it, but I did. :D

Hm. Don't see any Seighearts in the thread.

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