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Bug in Fenth locations?

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I tried to look for older topics, but as suspected I find none, probably due to my bad usage of search words.

This is it - I approached a Fenth and sacced a creature, but lately I discovered that in the moment of sacrificing, as well before/after it, I had zero (0) APs.

Is this a bug or Viscosity related?

Any topic I should've looked before posting this? Please remove if this is already discussed.

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Not sure if it's a bug. Sacrificing creatures always costs around 20 AP. If you have less than that when you arrive, it will simply keep you at Zero (won't go negative), but you can still sacrifice with less AP.

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Nice, even the text in the sac-interface is gone, unusual for me some old memories are floating within my head :)

And, when pointed, it even says : Sacrifice Creature - (AP: 1 -80 -83) :D[i] (which I don't remember from previous months :wacko: ) [/i]

Maybe i should let some more time for my head to recover from the NY's eve :unsure:

Anyway, the topic is free for a nuke.

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All AP related functions are subject to viscosity and land loyalty.

it takes 1 AP to open the alter, Minus 80 for the viscosity and another -83 for your land score.This is independent of sacraficing creatures completely.

When you sacrifice a creature you use 20 AP each time. If you do not have 20 AP it will still sac the creature and reduce your AP to 0. This ability to sacrifice creature without the nesscary AP is a feature.

A Feature, which is likely to be older than most players here

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