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Of strings you shall dream, of fate it will be.
Boredom comes and goes.
Visiting you at oddest times,
Striking you from behind, jinxing you,
eating you.

Of glory you hear, of might and magic!
Once, twice, even thrice you hear.
Boredom shaves the entermainment off,
Leaving you with a stale taste and empty cup.

Come at me, you taunt the foe.
Come at me, you ask the blade,
Come at me, oh danger and joy!
I miss you all too much.

Tapping my feet to unknown rhythm,
Silent steps of death echo.
Drink from malice, chalice full,
Eat the wounds, festering ichor.

Countless times, countless thoughts,
Pool together in this.
Cleansing you? Perhaps you shall.
Perhaps you shall not.

Dance upon fires, burn to ashes,
Hear the whisper, sense the stillness-
For fleeting moment, exist.

Routine passes, waiting awaits,
Resting you shall, seemingly forever.
Lost in stupor, clouding thoughts,
Act in haze, raze it all!

Burn, Burn, Burn it down.
The inner sanctum,
The unfelt loss,
Soak in sadness, loneliness, and watch it shatter to pieces.

Mirror, Mirrors in the lands?
I dare you, tell me what I am.
Blinded by shining things,
I seek the path.

Mirror, Mirror in the lands-
I wander across your shards,
feeling your shards cutting me, bleeding me,
but always keeping what I keep.

For only the worthy shall receive, for only the worthy shall receive- truly. In name of the boredom, the entertainment and the loneliness. Echos fall, unheard in silent scattering on parchment's tearing. Await, for that is the last resort.

Edit: Before anyone asks, this is offtopic. And I corrected a typo I made.

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She can feel the pain
and also the sorrow.
She doesn't want to go on.
So she prays for a better tomorrow.

It's hard for her to cope.
She'd like to runaway.
In her heart she knows
that she can't stay.

You can see the sadness
deep within her eyes.
She would like to stop the madness,
but instead, she just cries.

She prays for strength to move ahead.
To survive another day.
She pleads for the courage to be brave
so she can simply walk away.

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Don't want to open new topic so I'll post here...
this is a thing I wrote for the Rain festival but it wasn't bringed over on it.

[b]Song of Ba'al Hadad[/b]

Pray for the rain and thunder my fellow
like I taught you - cut your throat
if your prayer does not sound mellow

Imagine the rain crumbling in your brain
with my will wrapped inside the water script
offer your sacrifice and raindrops will appear

Gather! Be Storm!
Gather the people same like you
Hit the drum all of you fall
In a strange dream to crawl

Gather! Be Storm!
Gather the souls same like you
Hit the word all of you call
The cursed spirits to mourn

Gather! Be Storm!
Gather the bodies same like you
Hit the blade all of you bleed
In holy blood the rain to meet.

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