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Elemental Amulet/Rogue Cloak


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I am commissioning artwork for my items:

Elemental Amulet
Forged in secret in the underground caverns by unknown entities, it holds within it a part of each energy from all five elements

Rogue's Cloak
A dusty cloak modified to have many pockets on the inside

Crystal Santa
A very accurate scultpure created from a deep red crystal of some sort. Unexplored properties. Item was awarded during a competition to those that tried to create a new level artwork for the Santa creature.


A blade forged without a straight edge.

Archaeologist's Tools

Specialized tools that any Archaeologist Apprentice would not be caught without. Used to excavate ancient materials and objects.
Winners get two gold each.

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I believe you refer to this announcement, dragonrider.
[color=#CCCCCC][font=Georgia,]Ann. 1938 - [2011-07-25 00:07:59 - Stage 10][/font][/color]
[b]More sponsored artworks[/b]
[color=#000000][font=Georgia,]Neno Veliki will also do tool item artworks for any item with the "tool" tag. this is _sponsored_ so they will cost nothing on your side, no artwork cost and no upload cost. Neno Veliki will upload the art and transfer the tool back (without using it). Same artwork can be used for all tools of same sort (for example an axe, he wont make unique axe artworks for each axe but one for all with same name).[/font][/color]

I don't think any of Seigh's items are tools, public or otherwise, so Neno is under no obligation to do the artwork. If you want to take a crack at it, I'm sure Seigh would appreciate it.

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