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[color=#CCCCCC][font=Georgia,]Ann. 2162 - [2012-01-06 18:31:33 - Stage 11][/font][/color]
[color=#000000][font=Georgia,]We are looking for a volunteer to coordinate an effort to rewrite the rules and regulations. This job would need the person to discuss the rules with a large group of vets that understand them, then publicly announce the suggested rules for scrutiny and send them to us. We will add and change rules based on what is definitive and what mur has told us, they will then be publicly announced once more before being put into effect.[/font][/color]
If you wish to apply for this role, please post on the forum your Playername, Active days and why you are best suited to organise it. You should have at least 400 Active Days if you wish to apply.

Note: You will be organising it, it is not expected for you to rewrite it all, and you should be talking with other people and rewrite it with them. But overall you will be the one who decides what goes into it. Then we will change it as needed for the game.

I would like to apply for this.

Playername: *Peace*
Active days: 974 as of day 5 of year 7 [[color=#333333][font=Georgia,]Activity days: [/font][/color][b]84% [/b][color=#333333][font=Georgia,](A total of 974 out of 1162 days)][/font][/color]
Reason: I won't say I am the best suited, but I have the motivation to do so. Ever since I became a LHO and even before that, I repsected the rules this games has. Even though I admit that I have myself once or twice not followed them and was left 'unpunished'. I believe I have good relationships with most vets that are left in the game which would allow me to gather all that is needed quickly. Also, I am always interested to contribute in any way for whatever will help the game improve.

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Playername: Kyphis
Activity days: 993 as of day 5 of year 7 [[b]85% [/b] (A total of 993 out of 1166 days)]
Reason: I am already working in the CLC to clarify rules as much as possible. This can be seen around the forum, and to a certain degree in game. I have not had a long period of leaving the game other than immediately after my first day where I left for several months, and read announcements as they happen. As such, I am aware when most rules change. I also have a lot of experience in organizing teams and groups of people. I also have huge amounts of time that I can dedicate to MD on a semi regular basis.

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Name: *Shadowseeker*
Activity days: [b]99% [/b] (A total of 1288 out of 1304 days)
Reason: I have been in the realm for a long time and know a lot of the rules as they were created or how some unspoken ones are, also regularly discussing with people. I'd like to try, if only to try to create a code that is neutral, to polish it till there are as little loopholes as possible.

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