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story not giving proper bonuses


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so as all of you are aware that mur changed story received bonuses into percentage ones based on your profile, so atm in mp3 and mp4 ya are gettin proper percentage bonuses, but once ya get to mp5 ya are being given old apsolute bonuses, i noticed this since on new mp3 i got quite a lot of it, while on mp5 currently i see lower values received than on mp3 O.o

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[color="#CCCCCC"]Ann. 1342 - [2010-03-08 05:58:57 - Alpha 9][/color]
[b]Storymode Percentage Bonus[/b]
From now on, story mode will give a 4% bonus based on your existing stats for each page you advance. This bonus applies to stages MP3 and MP4 and only to the stats or skills the story would normaly give for that page. The meditation bonus will apply additional to that value, making it quite big (up to almost 8% for 24h wait). That means that you could at least double your stats during a mindpower advance. This has implications to the overall gameplay and is a major change. It also means that if you wait more at one stage before moving on to the next, you will be able to increase stats more and then receive a significantly bigger bonus on each story page. At this moment i don't know if 4% is much, enough, or low. For sure its much for those of you that gahtered already insane stats, but question is, how is it for the other majority of players that advance normaly. Feel free to discuss this on forum and the percentage might change later if needed.

The announce was specific that is it MP3/4 only.

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