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As the title says i am trying to sell some resources.

[s][b]52 Unidentified plants - sold[/b][/s]
[s][b]40 Tea leaves - sold[/b][/s]
[s][b]45 Toxic plants - sold[/b][/s]
[s][b]39 Aromatic herbs - sold[/b][/s]
[s][b]107 Fenths - sold[/b][/s]
[b]20*Cup of Aromatic Tea(1gc buyout)[/b]
[b]2*Mirrorritual stone(8sc buyout)[/b]
[b]1*Otherarmy stone(3sc buyout)[/b]

Pm or post your offer.
The buyout is the price at what i am satisfied and will sell them immediately, but you can still bid whatever amount you like.
This will go on only for a few days, 3-4 days.

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