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New Alter Use

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There seems to be less action going on as players get on to higher mindpower. I suggest a new feature to be available for high mindpower player. I suggest this feature to be the mixing of creatures. As I level up my creatures and obtaining new creatures to level up, I ran out of slots to obtain new creatures; yet, I don't want to sacrifice my strong creatures for doing so leaves me no option to defend myself against other players. There should be a way to make available space for new creature and still keep the existing high level creature in the creature profile. Creating an alter to be able to mix creature will be, I hope, a great solution to such "small" compensation for high mindpower player such as mindpower 5 and above.

PURPOSE: Suggest to create an alter for mixing strong creatures to creat stronger one.

Possible strictions if applicable:

1) Can only mix creatures that is maxed level

2) Must be of high mindpower

3) Possible of failure mixing or successful mixing based on amount of heat / vitality / value points

4) Must obtain a formula to mix creatures

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what about this:


less headeaks, dont you think?

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and what do you people think that instead of adding a new limit for creatures. they implement some kind of barracks for creatures.... like.. they choose some locations where the player can store some of their creatures ...it would make a game even more interesting coz other players can and should attack those stored creatures and since barracks places are randomly distributed through map we could finnaly LEAVE MAGIC WILLOW SHOP screen!!!!!! and make battles all over the MD region

and i think that this can be also implemented with this future LAND OWNERSHIP thing

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i like the first idea in general... although making ultimate badasses doesn't come to mind. mixing creatures sounds cool for everyone though. not just for higher people. you could add it to the storyline easy enough. just dont bump the stats really high. making an incentive for sacrificing mixed creatures instead.

The last thing there with moving people from the willow shop sounds like an excellent idea. maybe having an area in loreroot and one where SteadFast Steno said. This way there is a noob place and a place where noobs cant get in so you dont get the easy questions from people.

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maybe, this should be allowed for MP6 :)

and getting to MP6 should have as requirement such a creature

lets say that you can have a shrine where specific creatures (max lvl or something predefined) and turn them into another creature (also predefined). That creature should have a bit more then the sacrificed ones.

for example from 2 chaos archers to create an heretic archer * (with a star) that has a bit more to attack and defense then the usual one

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that and if you add a a hiyer lv limet for thes monsters like ading 3 more lvs to the cap.

then when you want to mack it stronger you have to mix 2 of the same monster with the same amount of stars together but then the lv cap increass by 6 and so on

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at mp5 you could do this but some might be able to do this at mp4 and maybe even mp3 and they would be fairly unbalanced

at mp5 or 6 you would have plenty of maxed out creatures grasans archers knators water beings

and omg would water beings be so unbalanced

they already steal the most life but 1.5 times as much come on

that would mean a 2 water being ritual could easily beat any other ewpecially with a few stars omg

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