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The riddle of a question


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here are the rules

I have a set of 13 Questions to be answerd ( not in-game question so don;t expect it)

the questions are tricky

Any player who want's to start the quest can subscribe here or by PM 24 hrs from now
After the time passes you will al receive the set of questions.
After you have received them , i'll count the score of your answer and post it here ( but won't confirm wich one you answerde corectly)

Who answers all of them corectly first will win a GG

hope you missed me, Indy

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[quote name='Kyphis the Bard' timestamp='1327580247' post='102477']
Sounds very interesting, count me in ^_^

And glad to have you back, "old" friend :P

.... I am of course assuming that the 24 hour thing only applies to PM, and not subscribing in this topic >.>

Yes Kyph, after 24 hrs i won;t accept any subscribers by posting or PM . This way i make sure everyone get a fair start.

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