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death ray

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Alone I rest, alone I wake. For my sake, do not let me awake the same. The dreams of the past are enough to kill, but by shear will I still taste life. What agony, what shame. I am just the same today as I was yesterday. Damaged and torn, nothing can be fixed, but only cast away. I dare not look above for hope, but down in fear as my faith grows dim. Profound love seems so shadowed by the multitude of pain, agony, and regret. If only Deaths hands where not my own, perhapes I would be gone.

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I cut myself on angel hair as life pooled around my feet. Candles lite, incense burning. A few drops to each point. The abyss of the crystal ball surrounded by six just points. I stared deep as the crystal abyss looked deeply back, into me. I opened my mind to the unopen void, known as the abyss. And itfaithfully spoke to me. Hell will never tell, Love, like a dove, will fly away. A stronge will can conseal. Time tells all. Never hate your fate. And lastly, religion is forbiden and even hidden within the seal of six. After allthat had been said, I sliped on my own life and fell into the Abyss, the abyss consumed all that was left of my draining life...

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Some days...
Some days I hate life, Makes me want to take my life, Where the hell is a knife? One more date with Death, To her I owe my last breath. Some days I give up all strength, A debt to her be my good health. Drained of disire, a lack of hope. Its her whisper I do follow. Her heart, black and hollow. Will consume your soul. Lost yet to another black hole, Pain and sorrow, your heart and soul. Left alone in a world where its just You and your mind. Heaven or Hell, its your choice...

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